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Lots of Avocado

Posted in AG Goes Veggie by AGinDC on 13 October 2013

If there is ever an international avocado shortage, my life will be sad and awful.

Aiming for a low GI diet these days, apparently it’s #1 in a three step plan to heal myself of this syndrome (1. Diet, 2. Exercise, 3. Lost and lots of meds and supplements). This basically means little to no sugar (so beyond stuff like soda and actual¬†sugar, also foods with a Glycemic Index over 55. So bye bye parsnips (does anyone actually eat these?), potatoes (waaahhhh!!!) and carrots (hummus’ best friend). It also means adding a lot more protein (40% of my daily diet), making sure I eat a lot of fiber and a long long list of other stuff. Protein isn’t as tough for a vegan as people think, there’s tons of it in quinoa (tons), barley, lentils, beans, most vegetables (including avocados!), chia seeds and oodles of other sources. I’ll also be adding protein powder to shakes, smoothies, soups, chili and anything else I make.

ImageTo get protein in my breakfasts I’ve started eating a bowl of quinoa and chia seeds if I’m going to work out in the morning. It makes me feel full and is super nutritious. It’s good on its own or with some Tony Chachere’s seasoning. Today after Zumba I made the best breakfast ever: whole wheat toast with avocado and just a little salt and pepper, an apple and black tea. It doesn’t sound like much but it made me sooo happy. And now that I’m entering this whole “food as medicine” period of my life I am trying to be a lot more conscious about everything I put in my body and why it’s there. It’s ridiculous that I didn’t do this before, we have so much to learn as a people. I might start an online encyclopedia about food and the benefits of each thing as I’m going through this. OOH! Good idea actually. Yaay.

ImageAnother awesome meal. Quinoa (which is sooooo easy to make btdubs), avocado, tomatoes, black beans, fresh jalapeno and cilantro and lime if you have it. Delicious, filling, full of protein and fiber. This couldn’t be better for you. Or more delicious.



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