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Everything Should Be Delivered

Posted in AG Goes Veggie by AGinDC on 13 December 2012

If you’ve met me, you know I believe strongly in the principles of delivery and 24 hour service. And especially 24 hour delivery. It’s the only reason I wish I lived in New York. So obviously, grocery delivery and I are bffs (or at least, we were until I struck out on my own and no longer had an income of any kind, particularly of the disposable variety). So when I discovered Washington’s Green Grocer, it was the best thing ever. Every other week (the boxes are HUGE and I’m single so I don’t need one every week) I got a box of amazingly yummy fruits and vegetables from small, local farms selected by Zeke and his staff (amaaazing customer service, btdubs). In addition to my favorites I got all sorts of new veggies brought to me that I learned to cook and love. I was eating well, with a diverse group of veggies, and it was amazing.

Sadly, I took a job that required insane amounts of travel and I had to cancel WGG. But with my Winter Experiment starting I decided to start it up again! What better way to stick to a no meat, no dairy, no alcohol winter but with an amazing selection of yummy veggies being delivered to my door? And for only #32.50 for a box big enough to last almost two weeks, it’s also a lot cheaper than shopping for dirty veggies at my local Not So Safeway.

photo (2)

So today my box arrived. It was full of celery, yukon gold potatoes, purple top turnips, fresh broccoli, red bartlett pears, bananas, fuji apples, red peppers, clementines and green leaf lettuce. It was supposed to come with portobello mushrooms and a cantaloupe too but mushrooms are vile and I only like melon in the summer so I switched for double broccoli and double apples, which I could eat every day.

The timing is perfect, I ran out of my detox salad last night, and since WGG’s awesome website shows you exactly what you’re getting that week, allows you to make substitutions, and even suggests yummy recipes to go with each vegetable (and many more), I sat down and planned out my meals with the veggies I knew were coming. So, I’m making turnip chips (in the microwave!), I’m having lots of lightly sautéed broccoli and brown rice, and I’m making some yummy salads.

Who knew eating veggies could be this much fun? Oh, I might have forgotten to share my new healthy eating pinterest board so here it is!

Happy (and healthy) eating!



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