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My Winter Experiment

Posted in All about moi by AGinDC on 9 December 2012

It’s no secret that I’ve been struggling with my weight for the last eight years. Ever since I woke up one morning shortly after my 21st birthday and split my favorite pants I have been fighting trying to lose the phantom baby that just won’t go away. I’m lucky that the weight isn’t extreme and that I’m still healthy and active, but being healthy and active and unable to shed even a single pound is a source of frustration in itself.

After eight years of exercise, personal trainers, diets, nutritionists, tears, self-hate and lots of Tracey Anderson, I finally decided to try something new and something old. I used to run all of the time in high school and I stopped at some point in college when I became a coxswain on the crew team and my shin splints became too painful. Since then I’ve done just about everything else and I walk 2-4 miles a day but I’ve stayed away from running. But it’s winter, my favorite time to run, and I spend all of my time in my basement working, which discourages me from working out indoors like I normally do, so I’m starting Couch 2 5k and I’m going to start running again. I joined Black Girls Run, found a running buddy, and am actually going to force myself to stop working long enough to get outside.

As for the new, I’ve been saying for years that I wish I had the self-control to be a vegetarian, and I’ve been denying my obvious lactose intolerance for about as long. So, for the next two months I’m going to give up meat, dairy and alcohol (sigh) and see what happens. I know I shouldn’t be eating meat, I know I will live a happier, longer, healthier and hopefully thinner life without it, and I know that obviously dairy and liquor are the devil after age 23 (for me at least). So, I’m giving it up for eight weeks and I’m gong to try my hand at eating the stuff I actually should be eating, like lots of fruits and vegetables and whole grains and water and tea.

This seemed a daunting task at first, but I’ve been doing lots of research, talking to my vegan and vegetarian friends (the good thing about being liberal and over-educated is that you always have a lot of vegan and vegetarian friends) and looking up delicious meals and I’m actually starting to get excited. i actually really really like vegetables (I could eat lima beans and avocados every day and be perfectly happy) and I eat the same thing over and over, even when I go out, so it’s kind of exciting to think about doing something different. I also haven’t cooked anything more challenging than scrambled eggs or popcorn in a while and it will be nice to give it a shot again. I even signed up for Washington’s Green Grocer again. It’s such a great deal. For $32.50 I get a box of fresh fruits and vegetables from small farms that lasts me for about two weeks. It’s way cheaper than eating out or even going to the grocery store and I get a new variety of veggies to try. I’m super excited actually.

So, we’ll see. I’m excited about this. Even if I don’t lose weight (at which point I may just jump off a bridge) at least I know I’ll be happier, healthier, have more energy, and hopefully after eight weeks it will stick and I can move forward only eating meat, dairy or alcohol on super special occasions. Or when I’m at my mom’s house.

Wish me luck!




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