An American Girl in Washington


Posted in All about moi by AGinDC on 15 November 2012

Five weeks ago I had an idea. I thought, Hey! There are a lot of black startup founders looking for CTOs. And a lot of us can’t afford to have our apps built. I know, let’s have a hackathon for the black tech community and everyone can meet everyone, network, get stuff built, and the proceeds can go to an awesome charity. Two days later, I had created #blackgirlshack. I recruited some awesome friends. We found a venue. MailChimp stepped up immediately to become our title sponsor. We made Venture Beat. Ish got crazy. And now, here I am, in a hotel room in Atlanta, getting yelled at by Chris Matthews and preparing for my first-ever hackathon, which starts tomorrow night.

Life is awesome.

In true AG style, this one-off event has given birth to an organization and we’re planning hackathons every few months all around the country and even internationally.

The funny thing about putting on events with other people is that you often end up hating the people you thought you loved and loving the people you never thought twice about. This is certainly the case here. I threw this event in Atlanta because they have a tech community that’s really trying to get started, the African American tech community is pretty great and because there are so many great colleges and universities down here. And let’s face it, we get awesome stuff in DC all of the time. It was time to spread the love a little bit. What I have found is amazing people who are so excited about this event that they’re just throwing themselves into it. MailChimp has been so chill that they actually asked us to take some of the benefits granted as title sponsors off and said “Just let this be about the event, it’s not about us”. When’s the last time that happened? This is why I send a MailChimp newsletter every single week. The Atlanta Black Girls Code (our nonprofit beneficiaries) team has been absolutely incredible and have enabled us to put on an event in ATL without even once having to come down to the city. Oh yeah, and shout out to Twitter! Thanks Tweet, seriously.

I also have to thank Steve Jobs yet again. Without my iPhone, shit would not get done. But with it, I coordinated rides for MiT Community Service day, checked on DCYE board applications, made a few connections that may lead to consulting jobs, found a yummy restaurant near my hotel, didn’t get lost once and even talked to my mom all while shopping at Costco, picking up boxes, and touring new facilities. Without my iPhone, I would be a sad sack working in a cubicle. With it, I’m an entrepreneurial force.

Pour a little out for my homie.

And now I’m going to chill and watch MSNBC (not having cable makes staying in hotels soooo much better now) before my 32 hour  awakeathon begins.

Good night!



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