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#treplife is the good life- the girly version

Posted in #treplife by AGinDC on 14 August 2012

Today I had another of the many amazing experiences that reminds me of why being an entrepreneur in DC is so super awesome. I co-hosted a luncheon with about 20 amazing young women founders and more experienced founders and CEOs in the hopes of starting a mentoring and affinity group. It was awesome. I am constantly amazed by the incredible treps, and especially female treps, who are in DC and moving here all of the time. Every week we get more members of DCYE who are brilliant, creative, innovative, and excited to be in DC. Being in a room with 20 of the best was inspiring and exciting. And it was wonderful to get words of wisdom from the women who are where we’re hoping to go. Some of the best? See below:

  • Women often say they’re not ready to speak when they’re asked. Men never turn down speaking opportunities, no matter how lame they are. Don’t know what to say? Tink about your experiences and figure out what is teachable from them.
  • Nervous about how it sounds when you talk about yourself? Practice! And don’t worry about sounding arrogant. If you’re worried about sounding like a tool, chances are you won’t.
  • We need to support each other. Invite other women to speak and be featured. Support each other in social media (retweet, follow, like, etc.). Invite each other to great events and organizations.
  • Give value to the choices you make. Want to stay single and build an empire? Awesome. Want to work half time and raise children? That’s awesome too. As long as you value your choices, everyone else can kiss it.
  • STAND UP FOR YOURSELF. Trust me, no one else will.
  • Build the business you want to have, not the business you think you’re supposed to have. Words cannot express how important this is to someone like me who is in the process of figuring out what we want our businesses, and our lives, to look like. Women from past generations have built businesses that looked like those of men because they think they’re supposed to be exactly the same. But that’s not working for America, or for most employees. Our strength is that we can build better businesses, better organizations and a better world.

I can’t wait for the next time that we meet, but I’m also just thrilled that these women exist, and in my town, and that we’re working together to build businesses like nothing anyone has ever seen.



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