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Posted in Travel by AGinDC on 30 July 2012

As I’ve probably said a million times, Vegas is my favorite city in the world. I try to go often, usually with my aunt (she’s not as lame as the word “aunt” might imply, we have a great time) and no matter what happens I always want to go back. Sadly, with law school and moving to DC and all, I hadn’t been to Vegas in a while. So I was thrilled to see how much the city has changed since the last time I was there. On this visit I experienced a lot of Vegas that I hadn’t seen before, from the classic Fremont Street, which I honestly have never been that interested in (I go to Vegas for the glitz, not the history) but that was slightly cooler than expected (in-a-Nick-Cage-probably-hangs-out-on-this-block kind of way) and the amaaaazing Aria and Cosmopolitan, which is my new favorite place. Anywhere. Ever. I’m going back as soon as possible! Pics below.

You have to have a little Elvis in Vegas. This statue is outside of the Cirque theatre for the Elvis show at Aria, which is ending this year and is going to be replaced with an AWESOME rock Cirque show that I am definitely seeing.

Lick is a store. This is its sign. It probably only exists in Vegas.

This dragon and everything surrounding it are made completely out of chocolate and sugar. It’s a sad waste of chocolate but so, so cool. At Aria.

These cakes are at Aria as well at a super delicious patisserie . They make custom cakes and boxed lunches for your flight!

This is Aria from the outside. There are more Prada and Tiffany boutiques on five blocks of Las Vegas Blvd than in the entire Northeast. And more bored shopgirls too.

On the bottom of the shot? A typical Vegas truck. I wonder, does anyone really order hot babes straight to them?

This is a chandelier at The Cosmopolitan. It’s like the W on crack. Which is to say, in Vegas. Modern Victorian decor with a James Bond theme. Is it any wonder I love it?

Speaking of chandeliers, this is Chandelier, the bar/restaurant in the middle of the Cosmopolitan gaming floor. It’s amazing.

This is Bond, a bar at the Cosmopolitan. They also have a bar called Vesper. Of course.

Fremont Street is basically the classic Vegas you’ve always heard about but probably never visited. It’s reeaalllyy far away from the Strip. We took a bus. It was a long ride. Like, past the Stratosphere and beyond the Sahara long.

One of the best things about Fremont is seeing all of the classic neon signs that don’t really exist on the Strip any more. Unless you count the giant picture of Donny & Marie at the Flamingo. But that’s not neon. Just terrifying.

The Golden Nugget! A classic. Terrible picture though. Sorry. But doesn’t my iPhone 4S take awesome pics?

The 4 Queens. Equally classic. Equally bad photo.

This is Vegas for real. Mario and Luigi, taking a smoke break. And apparently a head break too.

I’m The Cooler for reals so I don’t gamble more than $1 at a time. But I do shop. I have been obsessed with the Reed Krakoff Boxer bag since it first came out. Sadly, there’s no RK in DC and I haven’t been to the one in New York so I’ve only drooled on them from behind my computer screen. In Vegas I finally touched one. And still drooled. And cried a little. Especially when I saw this amazing green one. If I weren’t bootstrapping two non profits and a startup right now I would have bought one. Sigh. One day.

Those are the pics! With any luck I’ll be back in Vegas in a few months. For now, I’m working hard preparing for our very first Michelle in Training classes! School starts next month!




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