An American Girl in Washington


Posted in Travel by AGinDC on 30 July 2012

When we go to Vegas, Lynn and I always go to one famous chef’s super expensive restaurant for dinner. This year, we chose craftsteak, Tom Colicchio’s MGM Grand steakhouse. It was super delicious and I actually managed to take pictures before chowing down. This is rare.

We started with incredibly yummy rolls. Soft and warm in the middle, a little bit crunchy on the outside, sprinkled with sea salt. Yummmmm….

Collicchio’s lobster bisque was a revelation.

Lynn’s fennel and bacon salad was surprisingly delicious.

Our sides. French fries and spinach.

Lynn got chicken at a steak house. It was great, but seriously, there were paintings of cows on the walls. This was not the place for chicken.

My giant, amazing steak. It’s moments like this when I know that no matter how much thinner, healthier, and better I would be, I will never be a vegetarian.

craftsteak also had amazing cocktails and probably had yummy desserts but we were too stuffed to even finish our meals, much less order dessert. If you go to Vegas, I highly highly recommend.

Now I’ve made myself hungry. Off to make a snack!




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