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The wonderful LadiesDC made me Woman of the Week!

Posted in All about moi by AGinDC on 12 July 2012

Woman of the Week: Kat Calvin


Like most in DC, Kat Calvin is a lawyer. And like half of DC, she’s a lawyer who’s not practicing. What Kat is doing, however, is flexing some serious entrepreneurial muscles.Founder of DC Young Entrepreneurs, a network of self-starters moving and shaking things in the District, Kat is getting ready to celebrate her two year DCversary in August, while looking to bring more excitement to year three. “[During these past two years] I’ve had a couple of fabulous jobs, I’ve met some amazing women through Ladies DC and elsewhere, and am now getting ready to work on my own projects,” said Calvin, “mostly dealing with women and entrepreneurs.”

One of those projects is a program Kat founded called Michelle in Training (MiT). Named after our country’s very own First Lady, MiT is a program that has created a curriculum to foster social intelligence, philanthropy, cultural awareness, educational curiosity, civic responsibility, and personal branding in high school girls who aren’t receiving enough of an education on these values inside their classrooms.  With a lot of effort and some serious dedication, Kat and her MiT board plan on welcoming 10 high school sophomore girls from DC’s Dunbar High School this fall to make up the organization’s first-ever class. The selected participants will evolve and grow together, spending the following three years exploring everything from new cultural experiences to shadowing young professional women and building their own portfolios in order to take on the world post-high school graduation.

How has Kat gotten so involved with helping women advance professionally? “I was raised by a woman who went to a women’s college in the 70s and then I attended that same college, so I’ve pretty much always been about helping women,” Calvin said. “All of my Barbies had professional careers and Gloria Steinem was one of my earliest heroes.”

As Kat gets ready to induct MiT’s Class of 2015, she offered some thoughts to how women can continue to evolve professionally. “We have to work together,” she said. “It’s only through peer mentoring, resource sharing, and joining women’s networking organizations like Ladies DC that we’ll all be able to help each other out. We have to look out for each other, for the girls coming up, and always be looking for opportunities to improve.”

Want to learn more about MiT? You’re just in time! There will be a launch party this Friday, July 13 from 1pm-6pm where you can swing by TangySweet in Penn Quarter, get your FroYo fix and learn all about these wildly ambitious young women who are following in the footsteps of Gloria Steinem, herself—soon-to-be heroines for future generations of girls across the country.

Connect with Kat via Twitter and follow her adventures through her blog.

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