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Posted in emPower News Magazine, Travel by AGinDC on 9 May 2012

So much happening! I haven’t written in a while. So here are pics and stories from the places I remember:


It was awesome, of course.

I was here.

So was this little guy, the Google android.

A lot of mags and corporations take over restaurants for SXSW and rename them.

CNN even had their own beer. Tasted cheap and bland, like it was trying too hard and thus failing completely.


Went home. Saw the fam. Played with Bella. Had a blast.

My brother was an exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum. Bella helped.

Bella looks very concerned about the fact that Dublin has lost all of her hair. Concerned, and trying not to laugh.


I visited the 49th state for the very first time.

The view from my hotel room.

My first Dr. Seuss-themed bar

Beautiful art at the Anchorage Museum

The most awesomest guitar that didn’t belong to Jimi Hendrix ever

The only moose I saw the whole trip.


Best thing about visiting Austin? I got to drive this adorable little Fiat thingy.


I had never been to California Adventures before. It wasn’t bad. Definitely set up to be a 50’s boardwalk type of thing.

At night it turns into Disney Tortuga.

The Magic Kingdom is way smaller here than at Disneyworld.

Still looks awesome at night though.

I mostly went to geek out over Princess Tiana though. When is her theme park opening?

I was very excited about my sequin Minnie Mouse ears.

And Stuff

Other than these awesome trips I’ve still been going back and forth to Cleveland and Sacramento, although both are almost done forever, I went to a friend’s wedding in Atlanta where I stayed at the Glenn Hotel and it was gorgeous. In Sac I stayed at the Citizen Hotel which is totally politically themed and which I loved. Obviously. I also got to go home for one whole weekend and a half a weekend where I had amazing board meetings with both DCYE and Michelle in Training, both of which are doing awesomely. In fact, if you’re in DC and free on the 21st, you should come out for DCYE & Drinks! I also finally published another emPower article. I know, it’s been erratic but there’s just way too much going on and sometimes I have to choose sleep (ha!) over writing. Hence the sadness of the blog. And right now this second I am in New Stuyahok, Alaska, where I have no cellphone service, very little internet (I’m writing this over a period of availableness), am eating lots of salmon, learning Yupik (not really) and staying in teacher housing because there are 200 people and no hotels. I also got to fly shotgun in the cockpit on the way here and wear a headset and everything.

Still no moose.

I did, however, see this awesome sign in Seattle:

Until next time folks. I’ll try to be better about updating the blog. I miss DC so much it’s ridiculous, which is weird, because I never miss anything. But I guess once you decide a place is home and buy a couch, you kind of want to be there to sit on it. I also miss having a social life and seeing my friends in person and not just on gchat. But, it’s hard to beat the awesomeness of traveling, meeting new people, and trying as hard as I can to do something to help improve education in our country, although, honestly, I spend so much of my time battling forces on all sides that I’m really not doing much. LilyPad is calling me and I think I’ll be answering soon. Stay tuned.




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  1. Lagos said, on 9 May 2012 at 6:59 pm

    You took some great pop art shots. If you live near California you should come back after june 15 for the cars land opening inside California adventure.

    • AGinDC said, on 1 July 2012 at 11:24 pm

      Ugh, I am SO upset that I missed that! I will definitely be back soon. And thanks!

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