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Fashion Week in the Fashion District

Posted in Travel by AGinDC on 17 February 2012

The other night I had one of my sad, short stops in New York. Only sad because they’re short, but still, being in New York for a few hours is better than not being in New York at all. I was terrified at the thought of my hotel for the night, since last time I stayed in the absolutely awful New Yorker. But, the fates did not fail me this time!

With perfect timing and a clear sign that I did something right in a past life, I found my cab riding up to the Hilton Fashion District.  Firstly, I was totally excited to be staying here during Fashion Week, and secondly, I was just happy not to be at the same sad Hyatt Regency in Cleveland.

The Hilton FD looks like the place Archer would go if the W was out of penthouses. My room was gorgeous and the toiletries were by Peter Thomas Roth! It was like the Sephora fairy had personally swooped in and left a bathroom full of goodies just for me.

The Hilton FD wasn’t the only great place I went to that night. I met up with my co-worker and we went to Bukhara Grill on E. 49th. Delicious Indian food, seriously. Check it out. Then we had dessert at etc etc (try the chocolate molten lava brownie thingie. Amaaazing). Both were delicious.

Now I’m in my last day in Cleveland before MARDI GRAS!! I am so excited to go back to Louisiana, I don’t even have words. =) Woohoo!!



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