An American Girl in Washington

DC is not good for me

Posted in Weekend in Washington by AGinDC on 16 January 2012

Living on the road has its perks. I have no friends, so I don’t go out. I have a tiny per diem and no peer pressure, so I eat healthy. I work all of the time, so I spend very little money. Then, I go home. Back in DC, back to my friends, back to the fabulous bars, restaurants, and cafes. And, apparently, back to the thousands of empty calories and insane amounts of money that I spend here! I have spent more on food and drink in three days in DC then I have in a month and a half on this job. Sure, a lot of that is because I’m on a per diem, but still, if you live here, you know. I am stunned. When I end this job and move back to DC permanently, I am going to have a lot of thinking to do. And a lot of working out. I go over my budget all of the time and theoretically I knew how much it costs to have a social life in DC. But having such a vivid example is shocking. So, if you live here, and you find yourself broke even if you make a more than decent salary, I’m here to tell you why.

Want to know what I’ve been spending my money on? Well:

Saturday lunch at el Centro. Yum.

Saturday night drinks and risotto at Lost Society with @ekanerealestate.

Sunday brunch at Vinoteca with my adorable mentee.

Sunday tea at Big Bear Cafe.

Sunday dinner at Founding Farmers. Why do I love this place so much??? Because it’s amazing.

Monday nutella crepes and helping a friend job search at SNAP.

Monday night dinner at Dickson Wine Bar with @designbyjihee and @danieldzn.

Thank goodness I’m back to work tomorrow and leaving again on Wednesday. Neither my wallet or my scale can handle any more going out! But, I have to say, as far as restaurant choice is concerned, I couldn’t have made better choices!

Sigh. One more day in DC and then off to Cleveland again!



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