An American Girl in Washington

San Diego in January

Posted in Travel by AGinDC on 14 January 2012

San Diego is so gorgeous right now, it’s unbelievable. It’s sunny and bright and not chilly enough to justify more cover than a light cardigan. I was able to drive around the city a bit more this time and it is really quite beautifully laid out. This is a terrible shot from my car window but note the blue sky, the palm trees, and the buildings that seem to match perfectly.





I also stayed at an amazing hotel. The Manchester Grand Hyatt is beautiful and enormous. It is, in fact, so big that they actually gave me a map. Of the hotel.








My room was on the 37th floor and had an amazing view. I prefer to be as high up as possible and this was no disappointment.







While driving around the city, I ended up close enough to the border to buy Mexican Insurance but sadly did not have time to stop for food. It was a sad day.







It actually was a pretty sad day. I knew this was going to be a tough job when I took it but these were the first two days when I really broke down. The combination of the mad travel, the isolation, the running around and then stopping at 5pm and having nothing to do but sit in my hotel room and work, the working from 6am to midnight every day even on weekends, the calendar that is relentlessly packed with travel and meetings for the rest of my life, and then the having to fight the people whose job it is to provide children with an excellent education because they could really give a fuck that their high schools have a 5% proficiency rate. It’s infuriating. After two horrible days in San Diego (not all awful, there were some great moments like the happy hour at Finch’s Wine Bar with our amazing alums. Finch’s is great, I highly recommend it for an intimate dinner, pre-dinner wine and small plates or a small gathering) I was stressed and tired and had only been home for four hours in almost a month and then the TSA agents were their usual massive asshole selves (there are no words to describe how much I hate TSA) and then my terminal didn’t have any restaurant nicer than California Pizza Kitchen and I just couldn’t take it. I broke down crying on the phone with my assistant and then cried on half of my flight while writing a strategy paper for my bosses on how to handle the situation. Ugh. Then my flight got in around 10.30pm, and I accidentally got on the wrong train from Reagan and ended up at Huntington! Not a good end to a bad day.

But now the weekend is here and I get to see the friends I haven’t seen since I got the job and actually relax a little. Today I had lunch at El Centro with a friend and I’m soon on my way to Lost Society for drinks with @EKaneRealEstate and dinner with @danieldzn and @designbyjihee. Yaay!

More later. If you haven’t found an MLK Day service project yet, go find one! I’ll be doing something involving children and voter registration, apparently. Not exactly sure what.

Have a great weekend!



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