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Cleveland again!

Posted in Uncategorized by AGinDC on 11 January 2012

Back in Cleveland this week for three rockin’ days. Sorry, I feel the need to use the word “rock” whenever I talk about Cleveland. But the CLE is actually a pretty cool town. They’ve got great architecture, about 3/4 of the people are super friendly, and I’ve only begun to explore the eclectic neighborhoods. The housekeeping at my hotel could not have sucked more (seriously, I ran out of toilet paper) but I had sushi made by a white guy for the first time ever and I didn’t die! So that’s a mark in Ohio’s favor.

This week I stayed at the Hyatt Regency at the Arcade. I got to the “Arcade” around midnight and it was creepy as F. Dark, abandoned, full of windows with ugly clothes in them. Seriously, I feared for my life. But the next day things had livened up and, though the clothes were still ugly, the atmosphere had markedly improved.

Not all clothing in Cleveland is hideous however. In fact, I found a great boutique and a store clearly started by graphic designers who really, really like Cleveland and I can happily report that there is hope in the sartorial life of the Midwest. I’ll write more next time when I have more money and fewer pounds and can divulge myself of boutique-y fabulousness.

Other things that are cool about Cleveland? Cleveland State University is really pretty. Seriously, their alums must really like them. Either that or Development is being run by Daniel Ocean. The student center and law school are particularly awesome. I would post pics but I had just decided to take a quick walk without my Blackberry and since I’m still rockin’ the iPhone 3GS the picture quality is, shall we say, without flash? Soooo, no pics for you! Next time.

That’s all to report on the Cleve. Right now I’m in the airport in what seems to be an attempt at an airport sculpture garden. Next stop, San Diego! And then home! I actually get to spend four whole days in DC. I am absolutely beside myself. I’ll probably spend the whole time in bed.

Happy Trails!

P.S. I’m writing this from my iPad so pics are below with little to no formatting.


The Arcade


From the outside


Cleveland has trash cans that say “meh”. I have nothing to say about that.


There are guitars everywhere. Just in case you forget that this is the city with the Rock and Roll hall of fame, Cleveland will be there to remind you.


Sculpture garden in the airport. Ohhhhhh yeah.



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