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Happy Holidays!

Posted in Uncategorized by AGinDC on 26 December 2011

Hello everyone!

Merry Christmas and happy holidays! I’m in beautiful Seattle with my even more beautiful niece and wonderful family. I’m completely stuffed, have been watching Midsomer Murders for two days and have discovered how thoroughly exhausting two-year-olds can be. I’m here for a while longer so hopefully I’ll get to visit some of my favourite haunts before I head down to San Francisco. I’ll keep you posted!

Have a great last week of the year!



Posted in Travel by AGinDC on 21 December 2011

Hello all. And by “all” I mean Jihee and my mom.

I haven’t been writing. Shocker. But this time I have a good excuse. I have an amazing new job that I just started after Thanksgiving and my life has been such a whirlwind that I haven’t had a chance to breathe. The job also requires a TON of travel, which is amazing, and I’m having a blast but I’m also experiencing new hotels, airports, restaurants, coffee shops, etc. every day that I would love to share. So, this bloglet is taking a turn and for the next however long I’m in this gig, I’ll be doing a bit of travel writing. So let’s get started.

Today I’m in Sacramento! I have to admit, I was not at all excited about Sacramento. It didn’t sound exotic, no one ever talks about it, and I was pretty sure it would be boring. I was soooo wrong.

First of all, my hotel, the Hyatt Regency, is gorgeous. Apparently it’s just been renovated and I can tell. They have two bars and a cafe with a delicious breakfast brunch, and a restaurant downstairs. It’s about ten feet from the Capitol, is right by great restaurants and two movie theatres (including an IMAX) and has gorgeous views of the city from the top floor (when the fog is clear).

Outside, the weather is sunny and cool, the way December should be. The Capitol is beautiful, as are the many sculptures, signs and random artsiness along the streets. Everyone I’ve spoken to here is super proud of how many local shops and restaurants there are and the airport even gives a rental discount to local businesses so they can compete with the McDonald’ses (?) of the world. I’ve been doing my best to sample the local flavor and so far I’ve fallen so in love with the tangerine ginger tea at Temple Coffee that I bought a tin of it, I had amazing gelato at Hot Italian and I absolutely fell in love with Mayahuel, or, rather, Maya’s Kitchen, the fab little takeout section where the waiter (who looked like Justin Timberlake with hair) gave me a free bowl of the most amazing lentil soup while I waited and I got three giant carnitas tacos for $8 which included a free bowl of soup (another, and I ate that too because it was soooo good). This place is fantastic and I will definitely be coming back with every visit.

Sacramento has turned out to be a pretty great town and I can’t wait to come back next month.  One of the best things about the new gig is that I get to come back to the towns I’m visiting over and over so I’ll really get to know them. Of course, tomorrow I’m heading home to Seattle and I could not be more excited. I haven’t been home in two years and I get to see my ridiculously adorable niece Bella who is two and brilliant and  perfect. I also get to see the big people like grandma and grandpa and daddy and I’m sure that will be almost if not quite as exciting! I’m sure that most of my Seattle experiences will be child-themed, which means seeing the city from that perspective for the first time, since I was two in Arizona!

I’ll do my best to keep up a little travelogue of my trips, somewhat because people might be interested but mostly because I’m traveling by myself and I want to tell people about awesome places like Maya’s!

Until the next post, have a great night and, if I don’t write before the end of the month, happy holidays!



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