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Posted in All about moi by AGinDC on 17 November 2011

Last night I went to a WIN workshop on women op-ed writers. Since I have always wanted to be the love child of Maureen Dowd and Eugene Robinson, and since I write a weekly op-ed for Empower News Mag, I absolutely had to attend. The workshop had some of the typically sad statistics, for instance, that only 17% of op-eds are written by women, but mostly the four dynamic speakers gave great tips and tricks for succeeding in the biz. I was especially excited that my DCYE pal Alyssa was on hand to talk about The Op Ed Project, which I will absolutely be attending in February!

I am convinced that op-eds, like most things, may be dominated by men now, but soon will be a girl’s game. After all, who’s more opinionated than a smart woman?

Today, I had District of Pi for lunch. Delicious. Try the Lincoln.

Tomorrow, New York to meet one of my heroes! That’s right, just me and Wendy Kopp. Alone. Ohmygod. I may die. Yep. Death. It’s coming.

See? I’m getting started again already! Let’s see how long it last. =)



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