An American Girl in Washington

A working weekend

Posted in Weekend in Washington by AGinDC on 17 October 2011

This was my favorite kind of weekend, I spent most of it watching the Golden Girls and working. In fact, after a meeting at the W on Friday until the ReadySetDC FashionDistrict shop and reception on Sunday night, I sat at my desk, in my PJs, with only Captain Picard and Dorothy Zbornak for company. It was wonderful.

I was also super proud of myself, I spent the weekend learning Adobe InDesign and made a super kick-ass digital mood board, complete with audio and video links. It was far from perfect, as @danieldzn kindly pointed out, but it’s the best I could do after several days of slaving over it and I think it looks pretty awesome considering that I only started working on it on Friday. Thanks Adobe for the free trial!

Other awesome things this weekend? I met Artistic Aya! Woohoo! How excited was I? I’ve been crazy about her designs since I first moved here! She was ridiculously adorable and super sweet and now that I’ve met her I can continue stalking her trunk shows and twitter feed without feeling bad. Which reminds me, go to her trunk show at the Chevy Chase in Bloomie’s on November 10-11! She has a really cute new collection that isn’t online yet!

That’s all for now. The lack of activity this weekend has rendered me speechless.




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