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San Francisco! + also, more

Posted in All about moi by AGinDC on 14 October 2011


I know, I know. I just get so busy and I completely forget to write. But that’s no excuse. Sigh.

So, what’s been happening? Well, I just got back from San Francisco! Hurrah! It was wonderful. I reunited with a lot of my friends from undergrad as we all came out to celebrate a wedding. It was a very, very, very long three-day Hindu wedding in which we had to sit through a twelve-hour and three location ceremony that no one could really translate because even the bride and groom didn’t know what was going on. But the bride was gorgeous and the fam was happy and she and the groom planned a second, nine minute (I timed it) outdoor ceremony on a cliff overlooking mountains and a river in which she wore a hot pink sari. The first wedding may have been for the parents but the second wedding was for the bride and groom and everyone who likes an open bar and it was faabuolous. In between I threw them a bachelor/bachelorette party at Bubble Lounge which was unfreakingbelieveable. First of all, champagne lounge? Yes please. There’s one in New York and one in SF so I want to know when we’re getting on in DC. Second, dance floor in the basement? Hells yeah. After the stress of the first wedding and the anticipation of the second, the bride and groom were ready to party and after several magnums of champagne (two of which we brought from the Chandon vineyard in Napa and consumed in the hotel before we left) they danced til 3. In fact, they danced so long that the bride didn’t have time to write her vows and had to make something up on the spot! But it was adorbs and everyone loved it.

More importantly, I went to Napa for the first time! It was like Mecca, I have never been so happy. I’ve been to a lot of vineyards all over the world but I have always always always wanted to go to Napa. I only got to go to two vineyards but it was enough to have me already planning my next vacation. Forget the islands, from now on all of my time off will be spent among the glorious vines of Northern California. And then Oregon. And then Spain. And then back to France. And everywhere else. I pretty much decided that I’m going to be doing vineyard vacays for the rest of my life. I just cannot describe how happy they make me. I mean, I’ve been to Napa. I can die now. Oh wait, I can’t, I have to go back.

Other things? I have my first consulting client for LilyPad! Woohoo! Things are going absolutely swimmingly on the business front. I even have two faaabulous interns that I will be writing about later. Woohoo!

Also, things are getting busy with the NAACP. Big announcement coming soon. And Capital Cause is as Capital and Causey as ever. We have our big year end gala coming up, November 4th. Save the Date!

Other than that it seems that my short hiatus from the three meetings and two happy hours a night schedule is over. I’m jam-packed yet again but after the September break I actually feel refreshed and ready to go again. I was exhausted at the end of CBC but taking that last week off and going to SF (Napa! NAPA!) totally recharged my batteries and got me ready to get back on the horse. If I can keep this up until the snow starts I’ll be ready to lock myself in and hibernate for the rest of the season.

Oh, fav new restaurant? Graffiato. I’m in love and going again for lunch today. Prosecco on tap? Duh. Why doesn’t everyone do that? Plus, the tasting menu means I can eat delicious food without going broke and without getting fat. Love it. Other new favs? There’s an Anthropologie downtown now! A J. Crew can’t be far behind! pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease. My big goal for the weekend is to try the new ShopHouse in Dupont Circle. Reviews to come.

That’s the end!



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