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Two great launches

Posted in Cocktails, again by AGinDC on 16 September 2011








This week I had the opportunity to attend the launches of not one, but two new projects created by two friends.

First, Austin aka Eric Taylor threw a fundraiser to launch his new org, We, the Readers. I’ve spoken before about how thrilled I am about WtR and what it means for reading skills for local students and increased community participation in local education. The business model is genius and you should totally sign up to be a mentor. The fundraiser was pretty genius too, it was held at Iron Man Tavern and for $15 you get enough pizza and beer to require some serious gym time the next morning. The crowd was fantastic, the pizza was yummy, and Austin was as Texas charming as ever. I have high hopes for this org, but then again, it is seriously unlikely that Austin can ever fail.

The next night (was it? The days run together.) I went to another fantastic happy hour, this time though, it had an educational twist. Justin Peters of Graham & Peters consulting is a great guy and a founding board member of my new org, the DC Young Entrepreneurs Network (shameless plug, Follow Me!). He is also, however, a partner in a new and fantastic small business consulting group that came up with what I think is one of the most innovative and totally-DC ideas that I’ve seen in a long time: Happy Hour University. The idea is to have a series of happy hours that aren’t just about the drinking and the networking on their own, but that also have fun educational components that teach you how to do the networking intelligently. This is so perfect for students, interns, people who are new in town, and people who have been here forever and still suck at the DC social scene. Genius, right?

This first HHU was at Tabaq and I really think they have all of the pieces in place for a fantastic and long-lasting series. I can’t wait to see where they take it!

Today is a double-header. Next I’m going to write about an experience just as DC as happy hour: Lobbying on the Hill.

Happy Friday!



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