An American Girl in Washington

Big Block of Cheese Day

Posted in Politics- as I see it by AGinDC on 16 September 2011

Yesterday I had the privilege (?) of participating in a time-honored Washington tradition: lobbying. No, not the fun kind. There was no champagne, no hot girls in Herve Leger mini dresses, no boat rides or large stacks of untaxed cash. In fact, there was absolutely no wining or dining of any kind. This was the good old fashioned old school back in the day kind of lobbying. The, “Let’s get a group of people together to sit on a Senator’s couch and talk to a bored-looking 22-year-old staff member” kind of lobbying. Heaven help me.

One of the saddest and most surprising things about the current budget crisis is that it gives certain members of Congress an excuse to cut really kick ass programs that they happen not to like. For instance, the Corporation for National and Community Service. I have already ranted about the idiocy of trying to get rid of Americorps so I won’t bore you with it here. Besides, I assume that the 5 of you reading this blog are at least mildly rational beings and therefore can understand why cutting an infinitesimal amount of money that supports volunteerism, community service and hundreds of thousands of jobs in this country would be dumber than letting the post office fail. If you can’t, stop reading now and go HERE.

However, yesterday CNCS got a bunch of alums (Teach for America is an Americorps program) together to run around the Hill all day to encourage the staffers of Congresspeople to encourage their bosses to encourage the Super Committee to give us a damn budget this year. It was a fruitless exercise. For one thing, everyone is clearly voting with their party on this and everything. For another thing, only twelve people are actually voting on anything and we weren’t meeting with any of them. For a third thing, I was in the Louisiana group. Please, like Vitter is ever going to change his mind. Fourth, who are we kidding? Four oddly dressed hippies and a black girl in a blazer sitting in the waiting room of a random politician are not going to influence policy. The sole dude in the group even had a bushy red beard and a fedora. Books: feel judged. Your covers failed you.

Yesterday was yet another example of why Democrats and touchy-feely liberal organizations can’t get anything done. If you’re going to lobby, freaking lobby. Don’t send a lawn gnome to do a man’s work. This isn’t Expedia. Mostly, it felt like Big Block of Cheese Day. Except I didn’t get to meet CJ Cregg. Also, no UFOs.




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