An American Girl in Washington

My Date with the President

Posted in Just another day in DC, Politics- as I see it by AGinDC on 13 September 2011

Yesterday afternoon I had the great pleasure of sitting five feet away from our absolutely scrumptious (if infuriating) Commander-in-Chief. Dress in a black suit that made him look positively anorexic, a white shirt and a polka dot tie, he was even cuter up close and personal than he usually is. Valerie J. looked as lady-in-power as usual in her lavender sheath, oversized white jacket and nude pumps. And me? I was sitting right in front of POTUS in a bright blue DVF wrap dress that he couldn’t have missed if he tried. Mind you, I didn’t do that on purpose, but whenever I go to the White House I remember that Valerie is always wearing something girly and bright and professional and I try to follow her example. After all, as much as it pains me to say it, I’m so much more like her than FLOTUS.

Anyways, I was at the WH for the Interactive One forum on the American Jobs Act and how it affects the African-American population. There was a panel discussion with several people including Melody Barnes (who was on MSNBC when I got home that night, using the same talking points), Trade Ambassador Ron Kirk, Deputy Secretary of the SBA Marie Johns (the nicest, most grandma-like administrator ever), and a few other senior staffers. They talked about the AJA, the provisions in it that provide more funding for small businesses, that create jobs for construction workers and new schools and to prevent teacher layoffs, the foreclosure assistance, and everything else. Like many things the President presents, this is an absolutely remarkable bill. But, like most things the President has presented in the past, it is unlikely that even 1/3 of it will pass. Our only hope? Election year. Yep, gotta love it. The old PO is back and the Repubs need the middle classes to forget how much we hate Congress. Soooo… maybe there’s a chance? Idk.

One thing I do know? Now that the President has seen me in a DVF wrap, he’ll probably be calling soon. 😉

I love living in Washington.



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