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A long absence

Posted in All about moi by AGinDC on 10 September 2011

OMG, life has been so crazy lately, I haven’t had time at all to write. Thursday was The Fashionable Life and I was so busy getting ready for it that I didn’t even think about writing! Between that and work and orgs and random stuff I am soooo ready for my vacation at the end of the month. I just have to get through CBC week and I’m off to the islands!

Speaking of TFL, OMG, what a learning experience. I have to take a second and rant here because I haven’t been able to do it anywhere else and I need the catharsis. And I seriously doubt that anyone but my mom and the Lombardis read this blog anyways. I have been working on TFL so so hard for months on end now. And not just me, but a lot of my friends too, because they’re amazing and probably feel sorry for me. And in the end? All of the problems were things that were totally out. of. my. control. For instance, two days before the event, the chef quit. QUIT! She’d been booked since June!! Ugh. Luckily, my wonderful friend and amazing chef Adam Williams swooped in like a knight in shining armor and saved me. And his food was extraordinary, of course. Then, the night before the event, all of the swag that we had been collecting for months flooded in my makeup consultant’s basement. Kill me. And then, THEN, the morning of the event YSL texted (TEXTED) and said she wasn’t coming. For seriously. So, here I am, wanting to die. But we get everything together in the torrential downpour and get to the venue late for setup because people in DC are even worse drivers in the rain and, oh yeah, did I mention that my brother, the DJ’s, harddrive crashed so he spent four hours at Apple and had to find his way to the gallery (he lives in Seattle) on his own after they made him wait for hours and then couldn’t fix it? So that was good.

Anyways, so then we get to the gallery and thank God for my friends because they helped me set up in a hurry, as people were pouring in (only in DC do attendees to events show up early. Thank God for free wine.). And the vendors start coming in and all is well until four out of the five (sans YSL) makeup artists call to say that they are “on their way”. One of them was flooded into Upper Marlboro (did anyone else see the picture of people in canoes in UM? WTF?), and the rest just said they were coming. So as the event started and my one amazing makeup artist worked her tail off they kept texting that they were coming and texting that they were coming but, like Godot, they failed to show up. I wanted to die. And they still might because they all signed contracts.

As a typical Type-A perfectionist lawyer, there is nothing I hate more than ceding control. I hated group projects as a kid because as long as I was handling everything, I knew that it would be done, and it would be done well. But give someone else a chance, and you’re getting a B. So imagine the tragedy of working so hard for so long on something and having it all go wrong because of forces beyond your control. I couldn’t replace three months’ worth of swag in 24 hours. I couldn’t call last minute makeup artists halfway through the event. All we could do was keep pouring the wine and thank our lucky stars that the vendors who were there were AMAZING and hope that the girls were happy. And, remarkably, they were. Even though everyone, of course, wished that the other makeup artists and swag had been there, everyone had fun, lots of people made new friends, and it was still a great chance to get out and spoil yourself like we all deserve.

And, after my very first event, I have learned two very valuable lessons: 1. Keep the swag out of basements. 2. Lock the vendors in a tower until after the event.

I have a lot of hope for the future of LilyPad. I want it to be the boutique lifestyle firm that works to make life a little more enjoyable for the women of DC. And I know for sure that every single event will be better than the next. I just hope the women of DC will be patient with me. =)

Ooh, Doctor Who is on! I’m off. Lots of thank you notes to walk and space and time to travel through.

Good night!



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