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Posted in All about moi by AGinDC on 28 August 2011

Did you all survive the Great Sprinkling of 2011? Good. My week as usual, has been slightly insane, plus I got caught up in a Friday Night Lights marathon and then an apocalyptic marathon in which I watched every episode of The Walking Dead and Survivors (Watch Dead, skip Survivors), so I didn’t have time for blogging. =)

In all of the excitement and TV watching, I neglected to write about the in-home cooking class that my roommate and I had last week. A few weeks ago I met a new private chef (currently head chef at a Marriott Renaissance), Adam Williams, who is not only totally adorable but an extremely talented cook, and I invited him to my flat for a private session. It was wonderful.

We made butternut squash soup that basically tasted like liquified sweet potato pie and chicken pot pie with a light and fluffy thick crust. It was so much more fun having a chef in our house than going out to eat because we learned how to make these amazing dishes and we had tons of leftovers. Adam also has wonderful chef bedside manner. I’ve had personal chefs in the past who are either total divas who think they’re doing you a favor by letting you pay them to cook, chefs who try to screw you in pricing, and chefs who think they’re chefs but are actually gas station attendants during the daytime and became chefs because they once heated up a Hot Pocket really really well. Not so with Adam. He’s been a chef for Marriott since college, he’s the head chef at a great hotel, and yet he treats the client like the client and not like someone beneath him or lucky to have him. He explains everything in detail, lays out a beautiful table when it’s time to eat, and even brings his own china! Having Adam at the house was a blast and by the end of the night we had already planned the next lesson!

I will definitely keep inviting Adam to cook for both events and private parties and lessons. And I’ll probably be making butternut squash soup and chicken pot pie all winter!

If you’re interested in hiring Adam he can be reached at: I highly recommend it.

Bon Appetite!





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