An American Girl in Washington

Education policy straight from the horse’s (Secretary’s) mouth

Posted in Just another day in DC by AGinDC on 17 August 2011

Yesterday was a really interesting day. Teach for America and the offshoot alumni political group Leaders for Educational Equality (LEE) hosted an event inviting TFA alums working in education policy, politics, and me (randomly) to come to DC (for those of us not already here) for a day on ed policy. We started with a basic (and still kind of boring) tour of the White House, then there was the obligatory hotel lunch and speakers (although the speakers were actually pretty interesting) and then we headed over to the Department of Education for a convo with Arne Duncan and some of his senior staff.

I have had a lot of issues with Arne and the job he hasn’t been doing over the last 2 1/2 years so I was really looking forward to seeing what he had to say for himself. It turns out, while I still don’t think he’s the end all and be all of education policy in America, they actually have done some pretty impressive things, and they are working hard over there. But, of course, like typical Democrats, nobody knows it. For a while I assumed they were sleeping on the job, but they have big ideas and are fighting to make them a reality. So, we’ll see. Plus, he not-so-subtly dissed Michelle Rhee which automatically made me love him.

Altogether it was a good day, an interesting opportunity to meet current and future educational leaders from all over the country, and I came up with a great project with a friend who teaches in SE that could turn out to be a really good opportunity for her kids! Definitely worth the trip.

And yes, this could have been a much more in-depth report but I missed a day at work and have a lot of catching up to do. =/ Oh well.



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