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Posted in All about moi, Cocktails, again by AGinDC on 13 August 2011

Another crazy week with no time to write. One of the many reasons I shouldn’t have children is that I am so inconsistent. Can you imagine me as a teacher? Don’t even try.

So, what have I been up to? Well:

Tuesday: On Tuesday I went to a WordPress meetup with @designbyjihee. She wanted me to go so I could see all of the possibilities for making websites using and meet some of the techies in town who know what they’re doing. The meetup was actually super interesting. I didn’t understand half of what they were saying, but attending as someone on the hiring side, it was really helpful to hear the designers talk about their philosophies, the problems they have with their clients, and what should and shouldn’t be expected in a working relationship. I also saw a lot of great examples of incredible work. This was definitely worth attending and I think I’ll be going every month just to see what else I can learn.

Wednesday: On Wednesday I met the acting director of the DC Small and Local Business Department for the NAACP. He was actually a really great guy. Young, smart, went to Dartmouth (Mount Holyoke’s brother school!) and was really interested in working with the NAACP to get some of their services and opportunities out to the communities on the East side. So I’m really looking forward to seeing what we can do in the future.

I then headed to Local 16 to support two of my favorite DC men. Darius’ org, DC Social Innovation Project hosted a spotlight happy hour to show off three local non-profits, including Austin’s We, the Readers, an amazing new organization that I really think can make a difference in the lives and reading levels of local DC kids. It takes very little dedication that can make a significant change so please, go to his website and join!

After Local 16 I went to Matchbox in Eastern Market to ruin my diet with a delicious pizza and mostly to meet L’Rai, an up-and-coming stylist who will be doing consultations at The Fashionable Life. I am so excited to meet Rai! Not only is she completely adorable, but she’s a fellow Michigan girl (yaay!), she’s getting lots and lots of print work, which is exciting, and she and I thought of like twelve things that we want to do together in the future! I also think she’s incredibly talented and the girls at The Fashionable Life will love her.

Thursday:  On Thursday I met up with one of DC’s deputy mayors, again for the NAACP, which was super interesting. I then had a conference call for the Fashion Law committee for the Washington Area Lawyers for the Arts which was a blast because I think we’re planning some really fun things for the rest of the year. Then my friend Erin came over and we had chips and salsa and wine and watched too many episodes of Awkward Black Girl, because we love it. I ended the night with the hi-larious GOP debate. Those are the moments when I love Twitter the most.

Friday:  Friday morning was a disappointment. I had a hair appointment and, although I showed up on time, the stylist didn’t. This is the problem with trying to support small, local establishments. There are certain things that you accept as a black girl at a salon. You’re going to be there forever. It’s going to cost way more than it should. They’re probably not going to be very professional. Fine. I can deal with that. It’s tradition, it’s the way it is, and even though I am 27 years old, can afford to go to a much more expensive and professional salon, I choose to support a local salon. Well, I should say, chose. I specifically made my appointment at 10am on a weekday because I just do not have time to spend five hours in a salon. So I made the first available appointment. And I showed up early. And waited for 25 minutes. And the stylist never showed up. So I went home.

Then, she called ME at 10.40 and asked if I was going to show up for my appointment!! I told her that I waited until 10.20 and she never came so I left and she didn’t even bother to apologize or ask if I wanted to reschedule. She was just like, “okay, no problem”. No problem indeed. So, now I’m done with tacky local places. I’m going somewhere posh, somewhere expensive, somewhere that will listen to me, somewhere that will give me a haircut that doesn’t look like you got it in a black salon on Georgia Ave. My loyalty to the community only goes as far as I’m not being abused. Once I feel disrespected or that my time and money aren’t appreciated, I’m out. I don’t care. So, too bad tacky salon. There are plenty of women who will let you abuse them because we are just so used to it, but I’m out.


The day got much better from there. I worked from home and then met up with Lindsey Mask, the founder of Ladies DC, at a Cap Lounge meetup with a few local PR professionals and a couple of press flacks. The happy hour was a blast, I met some great people and now that I have LilyPad, it’s fun getting to know a whole new part of DC!

I cancelled everything for the rest of the night because I was so exhausted, I just needed to stay in and work. My plan is to do the same today until DeanBax comes over for our Doctor Who marathon. There’s so little time before The Fashionable Life, plus DCYE and about a million other things that I’m working on that I really just want to stay inside and tackle these projects and get them done!

Oh, I did one other big thing this week. I bought a plane ticket and reserved a Club Med vacation in Turks and Caicos for the end of September! My life is so insane right now and I know that I’ll have a heart attack or get an ulcer if I don’t go on a vacation after CBC week. I have literally been booked with something every day since June and it will continue through the end of CBC week. And then, I’m going far far away, to an island where I won’t have to do anything but sleep, eat, and stare at the lapping waves. I can’t wait.

Have a great weekend!



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