An American Girl in Washington

Celebrating my DCversary

Posted in All about moi by AGinDC on 8 August 2011

This weekend was the one year anniversary of my move to DC so I decided to celebrate in style.  I worked with Aiden Baptiste, a young chef who just started his own business and he created a fantastic New Orleans-inspired buffet that probably had a million calories per bite but was totally worth it. I then added lots and lots of gin, wine, champagne, and St. Germaine and a group of 20 of the best and most interesting people I know. The result? Fabulous! The party was a reminder of everything I love about DC. Most of the people in the room didn’t know each other but with great personalities and enough alcohol, before long business cards were flying and everyone made a new friend and great connections.

It is sometimes hard to believe that I’ve only been here a year. It’s more difficult to believe that I spent about six months of that time living the halfway impoverished life of an over-educated and underemployed social butterfly living in a borrowed palace. But now, here I am, paying rent, throwing parties (well, I did that when I was broke too, but the alcohol has improved) owning my very first business and almost my very first non-profit and with a group of friends and acquaintances that I would have been lucky to collect over 20 years. Perhaps only in DC is it possible to become so comfortable and so involved so quickly. Just like at my party, people here are so eager to meet someone new, are so recently displaced themselves, and are so intelligent and accomplished (mostly) that they easily welcome new people into the fold and encourage growth rather than trying to vanquish someone who could become a competitor. I love it.

And now, I have so many plans for Year Two! Next August will be marvelous, not only will we be celebrating the impending win of a second term for FLOTUS, but I have a feeling that it’s going to be a very good year for me, and for DC.

Here’s  hoping for the best!



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