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A Georgetown afternoon

Posted in Cocktails, again, Local Arts and Artists, The Fashionable Life by AGinDC on 29 July 2011

As much as I hate getting to Georgetown, once I’m there I genuinely like it.  I especially love the shopping…  So, although the Circulator ride was as tortuously slow as always, once I got there I had a wonderful time.

First I headed over to Marvelous Market to meet up with the amazing Sharon Glickman, stylist and image consultant extraordinaire.  Sharon and her associate are coming to The Fashionable Life to give free mini-consultations to all of the girls there and I am so out-of-control excited about it.  Most girls our age just do not understand how important image is for our careers, our love lives, our social lives, our confidence, everything.  Having the right style and look can make or break you (especially in a town like DC) and I’m really hoping that even a short meeting with Sharon will change a few minds and a few lives.  I totally love her.

After our meeting I went to Cafe Milano where I had dinner with my new BFF, Elizabeth Kane of Elizabeth Kane Real Estate. Elizabeth could not be more adorable and is incredibly smart to boot.  I’ve only known her for a week and she has already more than doubled my real estate knowledge.  (To be fair, I had almost none to begin with, but that’s still pretty impressive).  Neither Elizabeth nor I were very impressed by the service or food at Cafe Milano.  They have definitely seen better days.  But the company was great and it was right next door to the Peacock Cafe, which was our real destination for the evening.  The Jete Society was having a happy hour!  I haven’t been to a Jete Society event since last summer and it was so nice to be there now that I have been here for more than three weeks.

The people were fantastic and I finally met K Street Kate! I love her website and am always insanely jealous of the marvelous events she seems to attend almost every night.  It turns out that not only is she even more fabulous in person but she is also insanely nice and very, very tall.  Even in my highest heels I was looking up to her!

Now that the Smithsonian has killed the Young Benefactors Society I have to join another arts org and last night the Jete Society clinched it.  Not only did I love the people but the drinks were fantastic (the Great Gatsby was amazing.  Gin, sparkling wine and pink lemonade.  Yum.) and I am already shopping for flapper dresses for the Great Gatsby-themed ball in September!  I absolutely adore the ballet and now that my one year DCversary is coming up it’s time for me to get back into the arts scene.  I can’t wait!

After Georgetown I went home and saw my wonderful and amazing friend who just took the bar exam!  I am so proud of her and of course had to take her out for drinks.  So, we went to Room 11 and sat on the patio (the weather last night was perfect) and had cocktails and split a grilled cheese sandwich.  I remember very clearly the mixed feelings of relief and trepidation and disbelief at the end of the bar exam and she was definitely feeling all three in full force!  But I know she passed and I am looking forward to a November phone call celebrating her scores!

I am so glad today is Friday.  I’m looking forward to a weekend of friends, movies and lots of sleep.

Have a great weekend!



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