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Posted in All about moi by AGinDC on 28 July 2011

I cannot even begin to describe how much has happened in my life since Friday morning.  The last five days have been a whirlwind of wonderfulness.  I’ll do my usual daily rundown because it is the only way that I can organize it in my head.

Friday: @evolvingelle had a happy hour at XII on H Street.  Good times, fun people, super sketchy old guy having a launch party for his self-published (and yet, somehow “bestselling”) raunchy and badly written mystery novel.  Love it.

Saturday:  Went to SE to a rally put on by the new group “This is our DC” (I’m not linking to it on purpose).  It turns out it’s an astroturf organization started by a certain big time labor union, of course.  I figured it out about five seconds in when I saw the super-aggressive organizers (labor staff), the hundreds of boxed lunches (labor money) and the fact that they had no agenda and were basically just whining about the Repubs taking away their jobs.  What’s sad is that it’s an issue that seriously needs to be addressed in SE but self-interested unions just trying to amass a mailing list are not the ones to do it.

Later that night I went to dinner at Brasserie Beck.  I hadn’t been but it was amazing and the mussels were to die for.  Great service as well.  I loved it and will definitely be back often.

Sunday:  On Sunday I went to the Butler & Claypool pop-up shop and bought the cutest little silk scarf ever.  They had a wonderful selection of curated vintage items.  You can really tell that the girls at B&C care deeply about the pieces they pick and that they are excited to share them with the world.  I’ll definitely be at the next one!

Monday:  I didn’t go to work on Monday, instead I woke up insanely early and headed to the DCRA.  After long hours (well, long half-hours) of waiting, moving back and forth to a couple of windows and paying about $200, I am finally officially a small business owner!  LilyPad Events and Marketing is now officially an LLC.  Woohoo!!  Of course, I didn’t feel really official until I opened a business checking account, but after a trip to my favorite bank later that afternoon, I felt like celebrating.  So I went to D’vines, where I could take advantage of my neighborhood discount, bought a bottle of the bubbly and celebrated with Chipotle and Champagne.

After the celebrations I headed to a Capital Cause meeting and happy hour at Busboys and Poets before I finally went home to do a lot more work and then go to sleep.  Aside from registering a business and going to meetings I had also been on the phone all day securing more vendors for The Fashionable Life and designing cards and planning for my DC Young Entrepreneurs happy hour and I was exhausted.

Tuesday:  Tuesday was more working from home (it’s funny how much more exhausting it is to work from home than in an office).  I also had lunch with a bookkeeper who, while he is sadly moving and can’t be my bookkeeper full-time, is being extraordinarily generous and helping me set up my business.  We went to Lincoln, which was incredimazing.  Seriously, Tasting Table knocked it out of the park yet again.  From the pennies on the floor and the goat cheese burgers to the homemade chips and the picture of Mary Todd on the door of the women’s bathroom, Lincoln is one of my new favorite places in DC.  And, pleasantly, the lunch menu actually isn’t that expensive.  I’m dying to try their happy hour next…

Tuesday night I went to the launch party for my new favorite non-profit, the Emergent Leaders Network.  ELN is extraordinary because they are actually focused on supporting community college students!  I taught community college for two summers and it was one of the best things I ever did.  No one understands how hard cc students work, how badly they want to be there and how much every little thing helps them improve their lives.  Until I taught cc I had the same opinion of community colleges and their students as every other spoiled private college grad who thinks they know shit.  But after watching my students work full-time jobs while they went to school (and I had the privilege of teaching on an Army base so most of my students were soldiers and war vets), taking care of families, and survive insurmountable odds just to get an education, I was sold.  I loved it, my dearest hope is to teach community college again someday, and I am so, so proud of ELN.  Please check out their website, there are all sorts of small ways that you can help and make a huge difference in someone’s life.

Wednesday:  Wednesday was another full day.  I did a little shopping for myself because, well, I deserve it.  I bought a new bag that I have been coveting for two months now and two crazy adorable pairs of shoes from Nordstrom Rack.  God bless their designer shoes section where I always get heels from my favorite designers for at least 50% off.  Totally worth crossing state lines for (and so little is).  I also had to read a complaint for my new case (thank goodness it was only 70 pages, I was not in the mood for serious reading) and I had tons to do to get ready for the big event of the evening.

I am starting a new networking group for young entrepreneurs in DC (@dc_ye) and last night was our first happy hour at Last Exit.  The event was fantastic.  A lot of young, brilliant, creative DC entrepreneurs came and the feedback about the project was fantastic.  I really think this is going to be something incredible and I am so excited that we’re finally getting started!

After the happy hour I finally came home and crashed.  I was almost excited to be back in the office on Thursday.  Working from home was great, and I got so much done for LilyPad, DCYE and my wardrobe.  But it will be kind of nice to spend the next two days sitting down in an office!

Til tomorrow,



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