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Could this night get any more DC?

Posted in Cocktails, again, Just another day in DC by AGinDC on 22 July 2011

So, last night started out well.  I went to Lost Society, the new bar and restaurant on 14th and U.  I absolutely love it.  High-end, pretentious, amazing food (the french fries and bourbon bread pudding- OMG), Hendrick’s Gin, beautiful patrons, fantastic rooftop bar that I’ll visit in the fall.  I love it.  My Detroit bestie and I had a great time catching up (we email every day but actually have to Google cal a time to see each other!) and I really could have stayed all night.

After LS I headed to Lima with @EvolvingElle.  We had the world’s latest dinner reservation at The Park so we started at Lima with drinks and conversation.  There were two men in their mid-40s sitting at the table next to ours and of course they started flirting with us.  We kind of talked and the one with his left side to us was single but we couldn’t see the left hand of the guy on the right.  Didn’t matter though, they were in from out of town (of course, it is DC, after all) and we weren’t interested so after our one drink we left.  But not before I went to the bathrooms and Lima is now #4 on the “Best Places to Have Bathroom Sex in DC” list.  Let’s review:  #1: Buddha Bar, #2: Zengo, #3: Napoleon, #4: Lima.  Why?  Well, the first requirement is that there’s no obvious separation between the men and women’s bathrooms.  At Lima there’s just an open doorway and the men’s bathroom is around the corner but the women’s bathroom is actually in that open hallway.  I mean, hello?  Another requirement?  Doors that go floor to ceiling.  Done.  And the thing that makes Lima a unique and special bathroom sex snowflake?  There are LIGHT SWITCHES in the bathroom stalls.  Yep, exactly.  Done and done.  In fact, the only reason that they’re not above Napoleon is that the stalls are really really small (only hipsters need apply) and the reason for the light switches is because it’s bright as hell in there.  Darkness always wins out so Lima is stuck at #4 for now.

After Lima we went to The Park for our incredibly late dinner reservation.  Of course, The Park being The Park, they were unorganized, uncommunicative and late.  We waited over an hour past our reservation because they way over-booked.  They’re like the American Airlines of restaurants.  But the food is so good and it’s where the Bourgie crowd goes so… what’s a girl to do?  While we were waiting, who should walk in but the guy from Lima!  I swear.  So he talks to us for a while, buys us some drinks and, in my defense, I was so tired and hungry and not paying attention that it still didn’t occur to me to figure this guy out.  So we’re talking, it turns out he’s a state senator or some other underpaid, unimportant political position, and he ends up spending like the whole hour talking to me and even sat down with us when we had dinner.  Honestly, he was a pretty interesting guy so I didn’t really mind, but then, as he put his hand on my thigh (yes) and called me a “sexy innocent intellectual” (whatever that means) I noticed a picture of a totally adorable little boy on his phone.  Of course I asked him about it.  Of course it’s his son.  Of course he also has a daughter.  And then it finally occurred to me to look and of course he was married!  Hahahaha.  So pathetic.  I would have been more upset if a) he was cute, b) he wasn’t like 45, c) I had been remotely interested in him or d) it wasn’t past midnight on a Thursday and I just wanted to go home.  Instead, I just chalked it up to an experience as DC as smoking cigars at Shelley’s or pushing past tourists who stand on the left and joked about it in the car with my friends.  I love this town.

Oh, and the late-night dinner at The Park?  Delicious, but not worth the wait.

Have a great weekend!



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