An American Girl in Washington

Is this place really that Lucky?

Posted in Just another day in DC by AGinDC on 19 July 2011

Not much to report from last night.  After work I had a phone meeting with someone from Capital Cause- really really good things coming, stay tuned!  Then I headed over to Lucky Bar (yeah, that dive on Connecticut next to Julia’s) to meet up with my usual Monday night group.  It was 50 cent taco night which was a horrible temptation since I’m on this diet, but I’m determined to make my last 20 days as good as the first 20 so I had half a beer and some conversation and went home to work on @lilypaddc.  And yes, I will be shamelessly promoting this expo until September 9th, so just get used to it.

I am basically living out of my living room right now since one of my best friends is studying for the bar in my bedroom.  A few notes:  1) my CB2 twin sleeper is actually pretty comfortable.  2) the TV in the living room is way better than the TV in my bedroom (which is probably the 1st LCD ever) so now I am considering purchasing a new television set. 3) sleeping in a room with lots of light (we have a lot of windows) is a great way to wake up in the morning to work out. 4) There is no 4.

In other news, thank the gods for online chat support.  Otherwise I would never get anything fixed.

I read or saw or heard something yesterday that made me want to write a really deep blog post.  But I forgot what it was about.  Oh well.

Back to work!



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