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Another great burger joint

Posted in Just another day in DC by AGinDC on 7 July 2011

Last night, after margaritas and guac at Ceiba’s happy hour (super delicious and inexpensive, I will be back lots), I headed to the old Rogue States, the new Black and Orange Burger, in Dupont Circle for dinner.  I had never been to Rogue States before it closed so when my coworker raved about their burgers and told me it reopened on Friday, I had to go.  I had sweet potato fries and the square one burger, which is basically just an original burger but with sea salt.  I would have gotten something more adventurous but the person with me didn’t tell me he was a vegetarian and I didn’t want to get a super messy burger since I would be eating alone.  Oh well, I’ll go back.  The sweet potato fries were delicious though and the burger was actually pretty good for a regular burger.  It was no Thunder Burger, which is my favorite burger place in town, but it wasn’t terrible.  I’ll probably go back to try some of the other varieties to see how they match up but for an original burger, this won’t be my regular stop for an original but the Ciao Down and the Pardon My French look incredimazing.  I will report back.

With all of the burgers and cupcakes in this town, it’s no wonder there are twelve gyms on every corner.  We need them!

Here’s to sticking to a diet,



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