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What I did this weekend

Posted in Weekend in Washington by AGinDC on 6 July 2011

I was so exhausted from the holiday weekend that I completely forgot to post yesterday!  This is sad, because I actually had a blast this weekend.  What did I do?  Well…


On Friday I finally went to Jazz in the Sculpture Garden, which was so much fun.  I love jazz, I love sangria, I love sculpture gardens.  What could go wrong?  Well, the tourists for one… I love tourists because I think that absolutely everyone should visit our nation’s capital at least once in their lives.  I used to get so sad in England and France when families would just take a quick train ride to London or Paris and I thought about how difficult and expensive it is for the average American family to make the long trek to the capital.  I think every American should get a birthright trip to DC.  So, I love that people are here enjoying the beauty and history of the city I love so much.  BUT. I hate that they stand on the left of the damn escalators.  I hate that they wear fanny packs.  I hate that they let their bad ass children roam where no child should roam.  And I hate that they found out about Jazz in the Garden.  Is nothing sacred?  Sigh.  Oh well.

After jazz I had DiGiorno and watched TV with Darius and settled in early for the night.


On Saturday I went to a BBQ a few blocks away in Columbia Heights.  It was a blast.  Lots of TFA alums (we’re all over this town) and lots of sun and hot dogs.  Love.  Then I watched a lot of Top Gear on the BBC until it was time for dinner at American Ice Co.  Sadly, although the atmosphere was great, the BBQ was terrible.  Like, disturbingly bad.  They also ran out of food before we could have what we wanted.  I do not recommend.  But then we went to Churchkey, which has super delicious beer, and all was well.


On Sunday I ate Chipotle and watched Kill Bill Volume 1 with Elle in the afternoon.  Then I went shopping at Nordstrom at Pentagon City.  Then I went to Founding Farmers for the first time!  The only thing that had me more excited than Founding Farmers was that I got to see one of my best friends from undergrad and her new husband!  I haven’t seen her since I graduated and have missed her so much and I was thrilled to meet her and her adorable new hubs, especially since I had to miss the wedding.  We started with drinks at the W (love the view of the White House from the rooftop bar) and then walked over to FF for an amazing dinner.  I have, of course, heard tons about the restaurant.  It also helps that both my friend and I love Bones and they always go there.  We were not disappointed.  I love the $2 popcorn (ours was Ranch flavored), the delicious cornbread, the creative cocktails, and, of course, the food.  I had the rotisserie chicken and it was unbelievable.  We finished it off with a chocolate cake for dessert and were in heaven.  I will definitely be going back there as often as possible.


On Monday I went to a Nats game!  I absolutely adore baseball (go Mariners!) and have adopted the Nats as my second team (as long as they’re not playing Seattle).  The last game I went to was my first and we were hailed out in the first couple of innings so I didn’t really get to enjoy myself.  This time was different.  First of all, what’s more American that baseball on July 4th, I ask you? Nothing.  That’s what.  Plus, cheering for the Nats?  What?  And it was free hat day?  Perfreakingfection y’all.  The game was so much fun, and ended with a stolen home base in extra innings, an amazing game and an amazing win.  I need more friends who like sports, there are few things I like as much as attending sporting events and stupid silly girls never want to go with me!  Sigh.

On Monday night I went to a friend’s absolutely stunning condo, where we ate amazing salads and BBQ and kababs and the best banana pudding I have ever had, drank Pimms, and watched the fireworks all across town from her beautiful (and enormous) balcony.  It was divine.

All told, a fantastic weekend.  But I think this weekend I need to get some sleep…

How was your holiday?



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