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Another perfect weekend

Posted in Weekend in Washington by AGinDC on 27 June 2011

After my insane week, I was hoping to have a quiet and restful weekend.  Fortunately, that didn’t happen and I ended up having fun instead.  Here’s how it went:

Friday:  After work drinks at Lounge 201 (ps. they have the most amazing french fries) where we ran into a threesome that had clearly been drinking since breakfast.  I love that Lounge 201 is basically a strip club without poles.  I kept waiting for Snoop Dogg to walk out of a smoke-filled room with a video camera and a couple of girls in bikinis but it never happened.  Such a weird, weird place to find on the Hill.  After 201 we went to… I actually don’t remember.  Another Hill bar for more drinks (we left 201 because the waitress was rude.  So rude, in fact, that I wrote a note on the receipt explaining why she wasn’t getting a tip.  Seriously, a group of 8 spends a couple of hours and quite a bit of money at your bar and you’re rude?  As a former waitress, I take serious issue with that) and then I left the group and went home for some much needed R-E-S-T.

Saturday:  Saturday morning I worked out and then lounged around, working and not cleaning and picking up my mail on U St.  The usual.  In the afternoon I volunteered at the Safeway BBQ Battle for the Boys and Girls Club Next Generation Leaders.  No, I’m not in NGL, but a friend of mine is so I spent six hours standing outside in an ugly red t-shirt (I hate red) asking people born in 1939 for their ID so they could buy a six dollar beer.  And after all of that, I didn’t even get any BBQ!  Sadness.  But it was for a good cause and, notwithstanding the fact that my old boss at the Boys and Girls Club in Arizona was arrested and convicted of stealing from the clubs (I hated that woman), I still have a soft spot in my heart for the BGC.

After watching other people drink all day, I was in desperate need of a beer.  Luckily, some friends were meeting at Buffalo Billiards to watch the tragic USA v Mexico game (I’m only a racist during sporting events but then I hate everyone who isn’t on my team.  You should see me during the World Cup, the Tea Party would be proud).  I can’t believe they beat us.  Ugh.  Whatever.  A couple of Sam Adams from the world’s most hardworking bartender and a giant plate of nachos later and I was feeling much better.  After Billiards we went to 18th Street Lounge which is now on my list of most favoritest places in DC.  I love the hidden, back-alley feel to the place, the plethora of rooms, the vintage Victorian feel, the rooftop bar, the live bands, the DJ in the doorway with the hundreds of records and the crystal chandelier.  Heaven.  We had a blast.  Eventually, we took the party to my house where we drank Sauv Blanc on the roof, lounged in the loungey chairs and admired the view of the Capitol on one side and Target on the other.  Good times in Columbia Heights.

Sunday:  On Sunday I probably should have slept in but instead I decided to wake up and work out like the idiot that I am.  After my workout I made and ate an omelet and then promptly fell back asleep.  When I woke up again I worked a little, had a mini-Columbo marathon in honor of the late, great Peter Falk, and was getting ready for coffee at Busboys and Poets with HUB DC co-founder Allison Basile when she called and asked if I wanted to go kayaking instead.  Ummm… hells yeah!  So, Allison and her bf and housemate and I all headed over to Jack’s Boathouse in Gtown where for $14 per person we went kayaking on the Potomac for an hour!  It was completely awesome.  The weather was perfect, kayaking is a great arm workout, and we saw ducks and herons (or something) and all kinds of wildlife and wild people.  Even Marine One was out for the day, and they must have been doing training exercises because I swear at least one of those helicopters was flying over us the entire time.   But the day was gorgeous and I am absolutely doing it again this summer, hopefully more than once.  In fact, as soon as I got home I browsed looking for a kayak!

After kayaking we headed up to Booey’s for lunch and then finally headed home.  Now that I was totally exhausted I of course cleaned my room, did some laundry, and Skyped with my mom.  I then watched one too many episodes of Columbo, tried in vain to drown out my roommate’s TV (she was BLASTING the BET Awards) with Adele, and finally fell asleep.

Yep, weekend perfection.  And this week is shaping up to be almost as exciting as last week, except hopefully with at least one day when I can just go home.  I have too much work to do for all of this partying!

Did I miss anything good this weekend?




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