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Motiv at The Blaguard

Posted in Cocktails, again by AGinDC on 24 June 2011

Last night I had drinks and pizza at Vapiano, which you know I love.  Then I headed over to The Blaguard in Adams Morgan for the Motiv Strategies launch party!  I first heard about Motiv when Carl, one of the founders, came to my party a few weeks ago.  Sadly, I didn’t get a lot of time to talk so I was super excited when I got an invite to their official launch party!

Motiv is one of those great new DC businesses that is focused on providing innovative strategies for corporations and government offices that have gotten a bit… old/boring/moldy/sad/ineffective/insert word here.  How exciting is that?  If there is anything that the establishment in DC- and around the country- needs, it’s a little bit of shaking up and thinking outside of the box.  Enter: Motiv.

I’m excited to see where this business goes, and also excited for any future super awesome open bar parties they may have.  I also really liked The Blaguard.  Our bartender was one of the owners and he was just ridiculously nice and very proud of his bar.  And the food was fantastic.  I’m definitely keeping them on my list of “places to have happy hours”.

Personally, this has been an incredibly fun week but I am soooo glad it’s Friday.  I slept an hour late today because I just could not wake up.  Tonight, drinks on the Hill and then I’m turning in early.  Tomorrow, I’m volunteering at the Safeway BBQ Battle on Penn (come! BBQ and it’s for a good cause, the Boys and Girls Club!) and early, early, early on Sunday morning I’m volunteering for my people, Teach for America.  And then I’m sleeping and reading and cleaning my neglected bedroom.  I may even walk into my kitchen for the first time all week…

Have a great weekend.  There’s an insane amount of stuff going on.  For the best listing, I recommend Brightest Young Things.  Oh how I wish I had gone to Dude Fest.  Sigh.

Ciao til Monday!



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