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There are hotels, and then there’s the W

Posted in Cocktails, again, Just another day in DC by AGinDC on 21 June 2011

I love hotels.  Just in general.  I like being catered too, I like the possibility of meeting exciting new people, I like really really good sheets.  I also love style, sophistication, jet set ambience and the fact that I’m never more than an elevator’s ride away from a good cocktail and french fries cooked in truffle oil.  So yes, I like hotels.  But I love the W.  Especially the one here in DC.  Besides its near-perfect location, the W is like a little AG dream world come true.  Handsome and complimentary doormen outside?  Check.  Modern Victorian decor in the lobby? Check.  Bliss spa? Check.  More bars than bathrooms?  Check.  Rooftop party spot? Check.  Small, quiet, sophisticated jazz bar with a view of the Mall and five different kinds of ice cubes?  Check.  Seriously, what’s not to love?

I would spend every waking second in the W if I could, but, sadly, I’m not independently wealthy.  Yet.  So, instead, I just go to the bar whenever I can.  Which means that I was thrilled when my two favorite people in DC (isn’t it nice when you meet people who just get you?), the Lombardis, were cool with having our meeting in the lounge.  While sipping on St. Hilaires (a note to anyone out there who may want to impress me some day, I love any cocktail made with champagne and St. Germaine.  Any.) and making good use of the W’s free wifi (my non-3G iPad thanks you), we discussed my narcissistic, power-hungry plans for the future (more on that later, but the only thing I love more than Jihee is her fabulous ideas), the genius of Richard Branson, and how much we love the W.  It was a fantastic meeting and reminded me yet again that the smartest thing I ever did was a) decide to hire a brand management team and b) start this blog so Jihee could find me.

After the W I headed over to Shelly’s, where I hung out drinking scotch and eating reubens and getting cigar smoke in my clothes, my hair, my lungs and my eyes with the same group of guys (give or take a few) with whom I went last time.  We’ve decided to start a Monday thing for the summer, which I love because it’s so much fun hanging out with a great group of men who like to do things like rant about politics and swap statistics on the death penalty in Texas over scotch.  Funnily enough, I just can’t find a group of girls who will do that with me.  Odd…

Around 10pm I finally went home and got there in time to catch the rerun of Olbermann’s new show.  I didn’t think it was possible but he’s actually more narcissistic and obnoxious now than he was when someone else was holding the reins.  And I was offended enough when he had the gall to channel Murrow by saying “Good night and good luck” on the last show but now he’s got all of those pictures of him in his studio and I want to be sick.  Edward R. is probably rolling in his grave.   I’ll be sticking with my nightly Maddow/Stewart/Colbert cocktail.  I’m never home by 8pm anyways.

Tonight Capital Cause is having a happy hour at Tabaq!  It’s free and 10% of the bar proceeds are going to us!  Plus, free cupcakes for everyone, and the first 75 are from Red Velvet!  If you’re interested, get the deets HERE.

Have a great Tuesday,



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