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The Perfect Weekend

Posted in Weekend in Washington by AGinDC on 20 June 2011

This weekend was one of those weekends when I am so happy when I go to bed on Sunday that I don’t mind getting up for work the next day.  Of course, I’m so happy that I even have a job, tenuous as it is, that I’m always happy to get up and go to work.  So what happened that made this weekend so great?  Well, I’ll tell you:

Friday:  After work I headed over to Last Exit, the new speakeasy under the Tonic on Mt. Pleasant.  By now you should know that I loves me a speakeasy (although I’m dying for one with live jazz.  Am I going to have to start one myself?) and this one was adorable.  Super small (a bar, two couches and a few chairs, they feature the specialty crafted cocktails that make a modern-day DC speakeasy what it is.  I had the mint infused bourbon with simple syrup (served with a side of chocolate chips) and my friend had a peppercorn cocktail with grapes.  The drinks were good, if a little strong (and not in the good way) and it was a nice place to sit and chat.  It’s no Gibson, but since Last Exit is only a few blocks from my house, I’ll probably be hitting it up on the regular.  Plus, it’s under Tonic, which means there are always tater tots upstairs!

After Last Exit I stayed in (I hate going out late on Friday nights), watched the Star Wars marathon on Spike and texted and gchatted with friends.

Saturday:  On Saturday morning I headed to Bethesda where I had signed up to wrap Father’s Day presents at Barnes and Noble for the Washington Literacy Council.  As far as wrapping presents go, nothing is easier than books, and I love the WLC, so even though I had to cross state lines, it was worth it for them.  Sadly, this was only my second time in Bethesda and I got hopelessly lost (of course my ATT GPS wasn’t working in the boonies).  I stopped at a little local stationery store that was on the same road as the bookstore, as it turns out, and both clerks at the store claimed they didn’t know where B&N or Bethesda Row was.  Really?  It’s four blocks away assholes.  F you very much.  This is why I don’t travel to the suburbs.  Anyways, I finally made it and I wrapped my little presents and did my community duty.

After B&N I headed to Friendship Heights where I indulged in a little shopping.  I’ve been working my ass off (literally) on this Tracy Anderson diet and halfway through the program I’ve dropped 10 pounds and a size!  I thought this was worthy of celebration (although I’m hoping to drop another 20 and 2 sizes by the end of the summer) so I went to Bloomie’s and bought a new DVF dress, my first ever.  It’s gorgeous and I can’t wait to find somewhere to wear it.  I also got a pair of shoes at Nordstrom Rack and a couple of tops at Bloomie’s and AT Loft and then I was shopped out and exhausted.

I headed home where Battlestar Galactica had conveniently just started on BBC America.  After unwrapping my purchases and fixing up a grilled chicken breast, some guac and chips and a bottle of Shiraz, I took some time off of my feet and watched Caprica get blown up, watched Gaius Baltar lose his mind and fell in love with Adama all over again. Two hours later I was feeling rested and ready for the night.

Darius (of DCSIP fame) had planned a triple header and the first stop of the night was a roof party at the apartment across the street from mine.  The party was a blast.  Tons of new people, great music, and a Caribbean spread that caught my attention with its jerk chicken and home made corn pudding.  Yummy.  Sadly, we couldn’t stay for long and soon after I started flirting with a super cute industrial engineer we were cabbing it to Ceiba.  The cabbie was hilarious and blasted K-E-dollar-sign-Ha for us as we made our way down.  At Ceiba, which I love for their post-10pm $5 cocktails, Darius’ friend was having a birthday party and I found myself once again surrounded by new people, my favorite state of being.  While downing the $5 mojitos I quizzed a couple of gentlemen on what exactly a man is thinking when he approaches you and the two of you first start talking.  Their answers confirmed for me that Why Men Love Bitches is the truth.  It also confirmed that now that winter is over, the hotties are out in full force.  It was a loooong winter, but I feel like I am finally reaping my reward.

Last call of the night was at Bar Code, which is always a good time.  More new people, but this time with more dancing than talking.  I like ending my night at a club because I prefer to sit around talking and can only jump around to the same music for about an hour before I’m done.  So, like a tardy Cinderella, I chucked the deuces at 1am and cabbed it back home.

Sunday:  Sunday is usually my day to stay in and get centered, especially now that this diet has prohibited all brunches.  I don’t work out Sunday mornings, I sleep as late as possible (8am is the best I can do before I get restless) and I spend the day working, emailing, writing to do lists, reading, and watching TV.  This week I read Nice Girls Don’t Get Rich, which is probably more appropriate for a middle-aged woman born before the zenith of feminism than for a 27-year-old who kept laughing out loud at all of the stories of smart women who kept giving their money to men.  I’m sorry.  I went to Mount Holyoke.  That ish just doesn’t ring true to me.  But there were definitely some good points and since I’m trying to learn as much as I can about being financially saavy, I definitely took the good with the old-fashioned.  I’m also in the midst of my hero, Richard Branson’s, Business Stripped Bare, which I will be writing a full review of later.  Spoiler alert: It’s amazing, he’s amazing, I love.

I always try to Skype with my mom and beautiful, perfect niece on Sundays and yesterday I was treated to a half-hearted rendition of Itsy Bitsy Spider, a fashion show displaying how her hair looks when treated with Mixed Chicks Tangle Tamer, which I bought for her last week, and a lot of running around and attacking the dog.  I also watched all of Series 5 of Top Gear, which is one of my favourite shows of all time, and I finished off my Star Wars marathon with Return of the Jedi before going to bed.

This, for me, is a perfect weekend.  Drinks, friends- both old and new, cute boys, down time, lots of work, a few books, and a few minutes with my West Coast fam.  Love it.  However, this week promises to be exciting and I am really looking forward to some of the nights I have planned.  And as for work, I’m happy to do it.

I hope your weekend was as fab as mine.  Happy Monday!


ps.  My AZ fam is currently evacuating because some asshat didn’t listen to Smokey the Bear.  Please people, put out your fires.  My state is burning down, it’s nearing my town and my grandfather’s park and there is nothing we can do to stop it.  Put. Out. Your. Fires.


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