An American Girl in Washington

Dolly Madison House and Bread for the City

Posted in Just another day in DC by AGinDC on 17 June 2011

Last night I had two incredibly different DC experiences.  First, I went to a Michigan Law reception at Dolly Madison House on the corner of Lafayette Park.  The building is absolutely beautiful and of course, the location can’t be beat.  I love MLaw receptions because a) there’s always free wine, b) the food is always delicious and c) I run into my friends and into people I didn’t know were in DC.  This time was no different and I spent part of the evening enjoying the expensive munchies and the conversation until it was time for me to brave the rain and the mosquitos to head to my second event of the evening.

I walked from Lafayette Park to 7th and S to go to the kickoff for the HubDC Citizen Circles at Bread for the City.  First of all, Bread for the City is an extraordinary space and the second I walked in I was imagining all kinds of events there.  The building is spacious, contemporary, and beautifully appointed.  I met the director of HubDC at the DC Social Innovation Project launch last week and the idea sounded like something I would definitely be interested in.  So when she invited me to the Citizen Circles launch, I jumped right in.  CC’s are basically small, community learning sessions where everyone picks a topic and studies it together.  Sort of like a mini-seminar without a professor.  There are a couple of groups that I’m interested in so I’ll keep you posted on which one I join and how it turns out.  I love the idea of community continued education and I’m totally down with getting to know a really progressive part of the population that I may otherwise have missed out on.  So I think it will be exciting.

I also love that in one night I attended two events that could not have been more different.  One was a reception for lawyers in a historic building just moments away from the White House where we all wore business casual and talked about the ACS Convention and how much we love free Chardonnay.  Then I went to a community center where a bunch of people in tank tops and flip flops sat around a table and talked about whether or not our children are getting enough indigenous oral history in their educations and how we can regain our sense of wonder in our every day environments.

Both sides are a little silly.  Both sides are a little pretentious.  Both sides are hilarious.

I love this town.



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