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Posted in Just another day in DC by AGinDC on 9 June 2011

Last night I was privileged to be on the host committee for the launch of my friend Darius’ new organization, the DC Social Innovation Project.  DCSIP is an incredible new org that will provide grants, mentoring, legal assistance and everything else a new non-profit needs to organizations that address pressing needs in the DC community.  I am so excited about DCSIP and so proud of Darius.  He has been working like crazy and the launch could not have gone better.  It was held at Funxion, which I had never been to before.  Funxion is definitely one of those places that saw a gap in the market and went for it.  They serve what they call “Fit” food and cocktails- healthy yet delicious snacks, meals and libations.  I had gin and tonics all night so I can’t testify to the tastiness of their cocktails but everyone seemed to be enjoying them and the appetizers disappeared before most people had a chance to try them!

Darius knows about a million people in DC and they all came out to support him.  He has quite a few very good-looking friends so I had an absolute blast talking to everyone while I checked them in at the front table.  I also debuted my new Jimmy Choos at the event to great effect.  Sartorial win!

I say it all of the time and it constantly holds true, one of my favorite things about DC is how motivated everyone is.  Most of the people I met last night work for non-profits, own their own businesses, work on the Hill, or are doing something active and positive.  Everyone is involved in outside activities.  Everyone volunteers.  Everyone works out like mad (how many triathaloners are there in this town anyways?).  The people here are the only reason I know I could live here forever.  There will never be a shortage of young, smart, dedicated and passionate people who are at least as Type A as I am and probably much more capable.  It’s inspiring, and so is Darius and DCSIP.

For more information about the org and how you can get involved or donate, visit the website.

Enjoy the heat!



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