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El Centro and a new business!

Posted in Cocktails, again by AGinDC on 27 May 2011

Last night was so much fun, it made up for the sudden onset of massive humidity.  After an office party, I headed down to Jin for my friend’s happy hour.  Latoya Grant (better known as Evolving Elle at Southern Girl in the City) is a dear friend of mine and last night she announced that she’s starting her own PR firm!  I am so proud of her and incredibly excited, Latoya is passionate and talented and I think will make a huge splash in the District.  She even has her very first client already!  So, if you need any PR/Communications work done, check out her blog for more info on the website launch and how you can hire her.

After Jin (which was a nice, simple space for a few drinks or an event, but definitely nothing special), I headed to dinner with DBax and Darius (I’ll be telling you all about him and his new biz after his launch next Wednesday).  We went to El Centro, which I have been absolutely dying to try.  O.M.G.  It was incredible.  First of all, make a reservation.  There was definitely a line outside.  Thank goodness for OpenTable.  Second, have the guacamole.  It’s incredible.  We got the medium spicy and it was extraordinary.  I also had the lavender margaritas.  I love anything lavender, especially with champagne, but I had never had a lavender margarita before.  They were delicious.  Do it.  For an entrée I had the carne asada, also incredible.  Darius had the shrimp and crab enchiladas, which were great, and DBax had the cactus tacos, also incredible.  The service was great, and even the ambiance was romantic and social, which was a surprise since we were in the basement.  Basically, I loved it, and I plan to come back often, hopefully in the future to enjoy lavender margaritas and guac on the rooftop garden.  I highly recommend.

The amazing food in DC is absolutely not helping my diet.  But it’s so good, I’m happy to just work out twice as much!

Have a great Memorial Day weekend!  I’m filling mine with food, drinks, friends, and a new roommate!



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  1. EvolvingElle said, on 31 May 2011 at 5:22 pm

    Aren’t you kind?!?! Thanks so much, AG! (And the “t” in LaToya is capitalized! ;))

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