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The Gibson- my new favorite place

Posted in Cocktails, again by AGinDC on 26 May 2011

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Last night I finally, finally went to The Gibson.  I have been dying to go there since before I got to DC, when I read somewhere about the new speakeasy phenom and how amazing the cocktails and ambience are at some of the smaller, classier, more hidden parts of DC nightlife.  Since I have always been a fan of all things underground, I knew immediately that I needed to visit.  The fabulous Lombardis agreed that I would love it and they were right!  I was not disappointed.  The bar is quiet, dark, small and yet has tons of different rooms, and features a – soundtrack of the kind of jazz that makes you want to take the bassist home with you.  The one-page revolving cocktail menu featured drinks like The Set Up (my personal favorite) and other titles that were clearly thought up by bartenders who are trying to be just a little to clever.  But the drinks are strong, well-crafted and feature lots of champagne, bourbon, and gin- just my style.  I also loved going on a Wednesday night because it wasn’t crowded, it’s not the kind of place that’s filled with obnoxious 22-year-olds just looking to get wasted and obnoxious old men just looking to hook up.  It’s the perfect place to sit in a dark corner and get to know someone over a fantastic cocktail and superbly seasoned roasted nuts.  This will definitely be a regular stop for me at either the beginning of the end of an evening out.

After The Gibson we got patties at Patty Boom Boom, the Jamaican dancehall on U.  I had jerked chicken, spicy beef and Caribbean vegetable and they were all delicious.  And for 3 for $5, these bites are perfect when you need a snack or need something to soak up all of the rum from the bar upstairs.  It’s too bad they don’t sell them until 8pm, but if you’re on U Street and it’s late, these patties are way better than the Ball Park franks and canned chili they sell at Ben’s.

Another good night on the town and the week’s not even over yet!  Sadly, the humidity has decided to come out to the party too, which means we’re in for a long and sticky summer.  At least now I have a new favorite place to cool off.


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