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My favorite things

Posted in Just another day in DC by AGinDC on 19 May 2011

I am currently in between road trips, North Carolina last weekend and Michigan this weekend and am working as much as possible and getting a lot of little (and big, I’m turning in my DC bar app today!) things done this week.  Hence, the radio silence.

However, yesterday a friend of mine called and said that she’s in DC with her dad for two days and can I give her a few of my favorite things to do?  They’ve both been before so I skipped all of the Mall stuff.  Here’s what I told them:

1.  Corcoran and/or Philips Collection– gorgeous collections, beautiful buildings and not free so they keep the riff raff (read: tourists) out.

2. Kennedy Center– Millenium Stage at 6 + amazing view

3. Tour of Capitol Building– view from the dome plus you might get a peek at Aaron Schock without his shirt

4. Mayflower Hotel– for high tea or drinks- for her dad

5. Shopping in Georgetown

6. Library of Congress

7. Folger Library


9. Napoleon– for late night crepes and cocktails

10. Busboys and Poets– for literature and snacks

Did I miss anything?


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