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Brunches, Derbies, and lots of Castle

Posted in Weekend in Washington by AGinDC on 10 May 2011

This weekend was so much fun.  I actually can’t remember for the life of me what I did on Friday night so I’m guessing that maybe I just stayed home?  I really have no idea and my iCal is of no assistance in this matter.  Sigh.

But, on Saturday I do remember what I did.  In the morning I had a Teach For American Women of Color brunch at the Mayflower.  I love the Mayflower and should really start going there for drinks, it’s so old-world refined, I love it.  The brunch was wonderful, lots of enthusiastic women, great food (that I couldn’t eat because of this diet =( ) and lovely spring dresses.  Of course, being a TFA event, they couldn’t just let us enjoy a brunch.  Oh no.  This brunch featured facilitated discussion (I swear) with norm-setting and group discussion and “next steps” and everything.  TFA really knows how to ruin a party.  Oh well, you have to love them for trying.  Let it never be said that Teach For America is not the most single-minded, focused and goal-oriented organization since Genghis Kahn and his merry men or whatever.

After brunch I researched the best bourbons while riding #42 (let’s take a moment to discuss buss $42, shall we?  When I left the house in the morning I thought to myself, “oh, the Mayflower, I’ll take bus #42” and then rode it until it stopped across the street, got out, and was there.  Why is this remarkable, you ask?  Because I didn’t even think about it.  In fact, when I got off the bus I headed off in the wrong direction because I thought I was going to the M Street Renaissance and not the Mayflower.  Apparently my subconscious has figured out how to get around DC with or without me, and now I don’t even have to think about how to get where I want to go.  Yaay!) and decided on Buffalo Trace, due to its unique origins and it’s supposed excellent compatibility with mint and julep.  So I walked to my local liquor store, feeling very pretty in my never-before-worn coral dress, teal belt, light blue cardigan and ballet flats, purchased my Buffalo Trace from a quickly emptying bourbon shelf and walked the three blocks to my friend Scarlet’s house.  Her name isn’t really Scarlet of course but she’s a Southern belle who throws fabulous parties so that’s what I’m calling her.  Scarlet was the host of the ugly sweater Christmas party that I probably wrote about before but am too lazy to link to.  She throws great parties in general but since she’s from Kentucky I knew her Derby party would be the best.  And it completely was.  There were so many mint juleps that I lost count of how many I had, she actually made a whole ham which we ate with biscuits and tiny cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches, there was betting on every race, and, of course, plenty of gentlemen in seersucker suits and ladies in wonderful hats.  The party was a blast and I will definitely make Scarlet’s house my traditional Derby-day spot.

After my 20-odd mint juleps and accompanying Southern feast I went home and watched Castle all night and did some homework for my law firm (yes, I’m still doing that.  Slooowwlllyyy).  On Sunday I kept up my Castle marathon (I only left the house to run across the street to Target to buy Season 2) and read all about starting a small business, starting a solo law firm, and starting a salon (more on that later.  and no, I don’t mean a hair salon).  I even started my business plan!  It’s all coming together one 1/2 step at a time…

On Monday night I enjoyed my second-to-last night in for the next few weeks.  I’m totally booked with happy hours, meetings and weekend trips for at least two weeks straight after tonight.  It’s going to be a busy but enjoyable couple of weeks.  So tonight I’m going to the chiropractor and going home to rest up for the days ahead.

Did I miss anything good last weekend?



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