An American Girl in Washington

Dinner at Clyde’s and my new chiropractor

Posted in Just another day in DC by AGinDC on 5 May 2011

Yesterday was a great day.

A) It rained, and I love the rain.

B) I have had back problems forever and I finally found a chiropractor!  Dr. Bronat is amazing.  Totally nice, very knowledgeable, and hopefully the witch doctor who will snap my spine back into submission.  I found him through a complicated algorithm of 1- Yelp (he had great reviews), 2- Google maps (he’s near the metro, Dupont Circle y’all!) and 3- He was fully booked but then somebody cancelled (either that or he played hard to get and I fell for it…).  Anyways, Dr. B is my first DC doctor and I’m super excited.  He’s also less expensive than a massage, which I really appreciate with my not-having-insurance self.  The first visit was $115 and subsequent visits are just $45!!  Sweet!

C) My Mount Holyoke alumni dinner last night was wonderful.  It was at Clyde’s in Chinatown.  The salmon was delicious, the brownie smelled divine but I’m on a diet so I didn’t eat it (too bad I ruined it with a cupcake today =/), and of course the people were wonderful.  I love being around MHC alums.  They’re all such nice and accomplished women who are only too happy to talk to you about the mundane details of the life of a 20-something and then give advice and encouragement and invitations to dinner.  Just what I need.

Today is Cinco de Mayo and this Arizona girl loooooves the 5th of May.  I’m celebrating with some new friends tonight, any suggestions on where we should go?



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