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What a weekend

Posted in Weekend in Washington by AGinDC on 4 May 2011

On Sunday evening I was so excited to come in to work on Monday and write all about my fantastic weekend when, as usual, POTUS upstaged me with a thrilling midnight proclamation and the whole world changed.  Since then I’ve spent the last two days reading absolutely every bit of news on OBL and totally forgot that I even had a blog until this morning.  So, the weekend.

First, the new CB2 in Georgetown finally opened and since I’ve been waiting to have furniture for two months you know I was excited!  I got an invite to the Friday night opening party and my friend TG and I decided to start our evening there.  It was a blast.  The store is bright, colourful and modern, the DJ was fantastic, and there was free champagne, which I am ethically and morally opposed to turning down.  They also had fun swag bags with free votive candle holders that are now very romantically lining the windowsill in my bedroom.  Not that that windowsill has seen any romance… ever.  But a girl can light a candle and dream.

After CB2 we headed to the Hill to change and drink wine and eat Thai food (I can never get enough green curry) before we headed out to the event I’ve been waiting for for weeks… Hirshorn After Hours!  I’ve said a million times how much I adore the way DC institutions embrace the city’s young professionals and this event is yet another example why.  For just $18 the Hirshorn threw an amazing party.  Gorgeous people (again, who the hell is calling this place Hollywood for ugly people?), surprisingly fast bar service, another great DJ, and late-night art.  How much do you love it?  I ran into tons of people I know and met a few great new people and overall it was a fantastic evening.  This will definitely be one of my annual events and I can’t wait for the next great art soiree!

On Saturday morning I woke up bright and early and headed to CB2 with DBax.  I got impatient a few weeks ago and ordered my bed from so now I was just looking for a couch and an office set. Of course, being the Type A lawyer that I am I already knew exactly what I wanted and had checked it out at the party the night before.  So, I bought a fabulous new office set and a new twin sleeper (my new roommate has a big couch so this is going in my bedroom!) and qualified for free shipping!  It’s all getting delivered tomorrow and I can’t wait.  After I bought DBax a thank-you-for-suffering-through-shopping-with-me drink at Thunder (I can’t wait til this diet is over and I can have a Thunder Burger), where I had a delicious Bellini, I went home and spent the afternoon working on law firm related business.  I’m desperate for a retreat but until I can find a weekend to get away I’m stuck snatching little bits of time to get tiny things done.  It’s frustrating and some days I feel like I’m not working at all towards my future but I’m trying.  And that’s a whole ‘nother blog post anyways.  Stay tuned.

On Saturday night DH and I went to Red Rocks Pizza, which everyone has been telling me to try.  I wish I hadn’t.  It’s simply not healthy for a girl to have such delicious pizza only a few blocks away!  I had the prosciutto and arugula pizza and a cucumber martini with my very favourite gin- Hendricks.  If any one ever wants to find their way to my heart, Hendricks gin is the way to do it.  It was all delicious but I can tell that this diet is working because I couldn’t finish the pizza or the martini!  Yaay!

Sunday was a pretty quiet day.  I had to cook for this week of my diet and I was hosting a book club that evening.  After cooking all day I was too pooped to make homemade goodies and had to resort to the best of what Giant had to offer.  Kill me now.  But, it was actually pretty good and there was enough wine that I don’t think anyone noticed that it was frozen food.  Ugh.  How mortifying.

After the book club I cleaned up, read a little, watched some Merlin, and went to bed.  Only to be woken up by the President.  Which happens a lot in my dreams, but not usually in real life.  So this was a pleasant surprise.

Monday was rather uneventful but on Tuesday Ferr and tried LivingSocial’s new instant deals (he works for them and we used to spend hours postulating on how this system would work.  Turns out, it’s just as great as we imagined!) and we got $20 worth of Wok and Roll sushi for $10.  Yum!

Tonight I’m headed to an alumni dinner for my undergrad alma mater which I am so excited about.  I’ll report back tomorrow!

Did I miss anything good this weekend?



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