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Sushi Happy Hour!

Posted in All about moi by AGinDC on 28 April 2011

Yesterday after work some of the younger people in the firm had happy hour at our local sushi place, which is conveniently just downstairs.  I really like the sushi at Sushi AOI and their drinks are actually really good and very strong.  After work there was nothing better than enjoying a couple of glasses of wine (the only alcohol I’m allowed on this blasted diet) with California and spicy tuna rolls. The fried veggie dumplings were delicious too but I wasn’t brave enough to try the hot dog tempura.  No thank you.

As usual though, the best part of the happy hour wasn’t the food or drink but the company.  And I was super excited because one of the people I met is a TFA DC corps member!  She’s in her first year and I was so excited to meet her.  Poor kid.  I know what she’s going through.  I would have bought her a drink but she was 1/4 of the way into a pitcher before we even met.  Teachers and lawyers… is it any wonder that I’m an alcoholic?  Anyways, I was really happy to meet her.  I also met someone who lives in my building, on my floor.  I swear that apartment is the most popular place in Washington!

Speaking of the apartment, my roommate told me on Tuesday night that she’s moving out.  I immediately emailed all of my friends asking if they know anyone who’s looking for a place.  Well, Lisa did and she sent an email to her friend Underwood.  Underwood came by last night and loved the place and I loved her!  So, hopefully all will go well with the apartment app and I’ll have a new roommate!  I think my favorite thing about DC is that there are always so many people moving around that it’s never hard to find a new roommate.  Well, I say that now… but let’s wait until this process totally goes through before I get too cocky.  But I’m very excited.  For one thing, Underwood is not a lawyer, she’s a nurse!  Awesome, right?  Even better, she’s a nurse who works in policy, which means no blood in the house!  Woohoo!  Best of both worlds, totally.  Anyways, we’ll see.  I’ll keep you posted.

This has been a hodgepodge of a blog post… sorry about that.  I’m also gchatting with three people, working and listening to the Nerdist podcast while I write this.  And I really wanted to write about Birthergate but I think I need to get my thoughts together first and it’s too early in the morning for that.

So that’s all.  Ciao.



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