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Blind Faith or Why I Have to Believe that Obama Has a Plan That He Just Isn’t Telling Us About

Posted in Politics- as I see it by AGinDC on 28 April 2011

Well, he did it.  He caved.  He begged the Hawaiian government and they finally released his original birth certificate.  And, as expected, it didn’t shut anybody up.  If anything, it gave the crazies the confidence they needed to keep going.  It’s like the school bully.  Once you give him your lunch money, he’s going to keep going back for more.  And the President has to know this.  He’s not an idiot.  Somewhere in the White House, FLOTUS has his balls locked up in a case for special occasions.  And even though the last two years have been clear and present proof that nobody behind the gates has any idea what they’re doing, they’ve still managed to do more than any other president at this point (how terrifying is that?).  So stupidity, ball-lessness and incompetence are probably not the answers.

So why did he do it?

Honestly, in my heart of hearts I hope this was the smartest move for 2012 ever.  Just like I’m convinced that the Republican governors, Michele Bachmann and Paul Ryan are on the DNC’s payroll (there can’t be any other excuse for how effectively they’re driving people towards the left in hordes), I really think this may have been the smartest campaign move ever.

Think about it.

First of all, it separates the wheat from the chaff.

From the “birther laws” taking up time and money in state legislatures to the moment that an idiotic CNN “journalist” had the gall to bring up the birther question in the White House press room, it was clear that something needed to happen.  Releasing the birth certificate confirms the obvious for anyone wavering on the edge and clearly demonstrates just how crazy the crazies really are.  Anyone in the middle who had been swayed by the massive media indulgence of the racially charged accusation that the President wasn’t born in America can now be mollified and move on.  And anyone who is reaching into the back-burner of conspiracy theories to continue to attempt to de-legitimize the first black President can be exposed for exactly what they are.

Second, it shows exactly the kind of man Trump is.

The greatest accomplishment of the ’08 election is how totally and completely we obliterated the Republican party.  It was obvious when they chose Michael Steele as the head of the RNC.  Then it got a little less obvious with the rise of the Tea Party.  But now that 2012 is up for grabs, it is reeeaalllyyy obvious that we kicked their asses and they’ve got nothing.  If ever you needed a reason to send President Bush some flowers, this is it.

The result of said obliteration is that the only serious candidate for the GOP nomination right now is the personification of beige and wears secret magical underwear to boot.

Enter: Trump.

The man, the mystery, and the joke entered the scene at the most opportune time (that is his one and only gift) and re-lit the birther fire like only The Donald can.  But the best part is that this has less to do with Trump himself than this is a reflection of where the GOP is right now.  The fact that he’s even in the polls (the numbers themselves don’t matter right now, it’s too early), the fact that not only are Republicans (and Faux News) taking him seriously right now but that real, serious Republicans (read: Boehner) aren’t immediately discrediting him (and Bachmann and Palin and Cain- my other favorite- and every other crazy, racist, dingbat in the race) is exactly what we need Independents to see.  The fact that this is even tolerable for the GOP will be enough to send anyone with even an ounce of common sense running to the other side.

Third,the best defense is a good offense.

Between the union busting, the Michigan fiasco, the attempts to destroy voting rights, the Ryan budget of death and sadness and the Birther talk, the GOP is all over the headlines and for all of the wrong reasons.

Seriously, who knows what the F the Dems are up to lately?  This can only be good.

I may update this later with more reasons that releasing the birth certificate was a good thing.  I know it’s a bit of a reach, but I really do have to believe that the President has some semblance of a strategy and isn’t just caving to the likes of Trump and Orly Taitz.  I have to believe it.

Of course, I believe in unicorns too… anyone seen one lately?


*UPDATE*  Or, maybe he knew he was about to kill Osama and he wanted to give haters the whoopass they deserved.  #I’mjustsaying


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