An American Girl in Washington

In which I discuss an exhausting work schedule, my first ANC meeting, and an amazing day in New York

Posted in All about moi by AGinDC on 19 April 2011

The last week has been absolutely crazy.  On Wednesday I went to my first ever ANC meeting.  It was pretty much what I expected, a small group of people and a long, long table of commissioners.  The group was extremely diverse, which was nice, and they were debating whether or not a new 24-hour cafe should be opened by the man who owns Tryst.  First of all, anyone who has ever been to Tryst knows that it is the pimp shizzle and we should have about 20 more in this town.  Second, it was hilarious to me that people were actually worried about a 24-hour cafe.  Isn’t this supposed to be a real city?  No one in New York would think twice about a 24-hour diner and yet here this actually merits a small and insignificant outcry.  Hahahaha.  Thirdly, people, I live across from an IHOP.  You’ve already lost this fight.  I was hoping there would be some spirited debate about Congress and the budget but aside from a pamphlet about emancipating DC citizens from slavery everyone was mum.  Oh well.

On Thursday I hopped a BoltBus (now on F and New Jersey because of the insane construction project on H and 11th) to NYC for an amazing event on Friday. Last year Fordham Law School opened the first ever Fashion Law Institute and on Friday they had their first ever symposium!  It was absolutely amazing.  There were probably about one hundred people there, the panelists were everyone from the General Counsel for LVMH (yes, I died, she’s amazing) to Maria Cornejo and the author of the first ever Fashion Law textbook (that I currently sleep with under my pillow), Guillermo Jimenez.  I met him, he’s divine.  Super friendly and charming and wonderful.  I’m hoping to take lots of classes with him at FIT.  The whole event was incredible.  I even discovered a new favorite jeweler, GemmaRedux.

Since I’m just starting out in this business and haven’t even launched my firm yet (oops, did I just let the cat out of the bag 😉 ) it was amazing to meet and talk to so many industry insiders, fashion lawyers and the professors who are at the forefront of making Fashion Law something more than just a scattered group of lawyers and marketing professionals.  The Institute is amazing and I am so looking forward to being more and more involved with it in the future.  I also met a guy who just started his own firm and I quizzed him forever (poor guy) and a couple of wonderful girls from DC, Philly and Delaware who are all in law school and all hoping to get into Fashion Law when they finish.  I’m definitely keeping in touch with them!

Of course, one of the best parts of this event was the food!  The lunch was incredible, from the grilled chicken greek salad to the mousses and tarts laid out for dessert.  But after the symposium ended there was a Zero + Maria Cornejo presentation and along with her gorgeous and sustainable clothing were Kir Royales (one of my favs) and the most divine chocolates.  If I wasn’t on this diet I would have been in heaven.  As it was, I settled for a  Kir Royale (not diet approved, but what’s a girl to do?) and good conversation.

Going to this symposium was one of the best decisions I could have made for starting me on my path to owning my own practice.  I am so excited and so ready to get started and now I know a lot more people who can help me do just that.  So yes, Friday was amazing.

Then came the weekend.

Since I missed work on Friday I had to go in on Saturday to finish up a project.  I was there until 3am.  Then I went back on Sunday, for another 9 hours.  Yeah, that was awesome.


So now I’m so exhausted I can barely stand up and it’s only Tuesday.  Oh well, it’s totally worth it.  There are so many things keeping me fired up these days (starting a practice, meeting new people, hoping this contracting job lasts as long as possible…) that even when I’m exhausted I’m still excited about the way things are going.   And with the GOP primaries off to a hilarious start, things are pretty much exactly the way I want them.

Now let’s just hope Friday gets here soon…



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