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My first Nationals game and other weekend activities

Posted in Weekend in Washington by AGinDC on 4 April 2011

This weekend was a blast.  Unlike last week- which was all go go go- , I had the perfect mix of activity and rest which has me way more recharged this Monday than I usually am.

On Friday night I left work early (at 6.30) to see Ryan Leslie play at The Park.  It was a free concert, which I always appreciate, and I love love love The Park so I was excited to go.  I had never heard of Mr. Leslie before (apparently I’m the only one) but am very impressed with his background (I wiki’d him during the two opening acts).  He’s extraordinarily intelligent, very, very good looking and pretty talented to boot.  He’s also witty, which I like, so he definitely won a new fan over the weekend, albeit not one of the screaming, giddy, insane women just dying to tear his clothes off like everybody else in the room.  I love going to small concerts in clubs for up-and-coming artists, it’s so much fun to watch all of the normally respectable (some, not so much) girls turn into cleavage-bearing floozies while trying to gain the attention of a man who, even if he does spend the coveted 20 minutes with you, will never think of you again.  So sad, but so hilarious.

After the concert we headed to Mellon Auditorium where Gentleman Jack was having this free hip-hop exhibition but with 2000 people on the RSVP list and about 200 in line, we decided Mr. Leslie had been enough for one night and went our separate ways.  Once home, I crashed almost immediately.  Friday nights are always so exhausting.

On Saturday morning I went to work at Local Department Store for the first time in two months.  I’m trying to stay on call there to keep my discount but the insane hours requirement means that this was probably my last shift.  Sad.  But to make myself feel better I bought an amazing sterling silver dragon ring with ruby eyes.  I’ve been eyeing it for months and the women I work with saved it for me- mostly because they think it’s so hideous that I’m the only one who would want it!  But it’s my new Seven Samurai ring and I’m going to have a Kurosawa film festival in its honor as soon as we get a couch.

That afternoon I headed out to Navy Yard for my very first Nationals game!  I adore baseball and some of my favorite summer afternoons have been spent cheering for Ken Griffey Jr. and Ichiro at Safeco Field.  I may be a DC girl now but part of my heart will always belong to the Mariners, the Storm, and the Sonics (who belong in SEATTLE.  F you Oklahoma.).  But, now that I’m here I have to learn to cheer for the Nationals and the… ok I have no idea what the DC NBA or WNBA basketball teams are called but I’ll figure that out and then cheer for them too.  Not football though.  Sorry, but I was converted to a Bears fan this season and between the fight song (as a Michigan girl I’m a sucker for a good fight song) and the fact that The Rev is hilarious, I’m going to have to stick with Chicago.

But I digress.

The Nationals stadium is really nice.  We got tickets from GoldStar in the highest of the nosebleed section and I was super impressed with the glass paneling and the great sight lines even up there.  The food was yummy too.  And the presidents’ race was hilarious.  I almost died laughing, but I don’t understand why Roosevelt never wins!  The team was pretty good too, but we didn’t get to see much of them because it started hailing halfway into the game!  We took cover for a while but it was really freezing so we finally just went home.  I was kind of relieved because I was cold and exhausted, plus we’ll go to plenty of games this summer.

On Saturday night I was supposed to go to a birthday party but I was just so tired that I decided to skip it and stay in.  I feel pretty guilty about that, but I really just needed some time to myself.  Then on Sunday morning I had brunch at Bourbon, which I apparently walked past almost every day when I lived in AdMo and never noticed!  I had no idea what I was missing.  Bourbon is totally my kind of place and brunch was delicious.  Now that I know it exists, I’ll be back all of the time.

That was pretty much my weekend.  I started a crazy new diet and exercise program today so I spent five hours on Sunday pureeing my little heart out and then had some wine with a friend and went to bed.  When I woke up, the President had decided to run for re-election!  I love that that merits an announcement, but I guess in politics you have to make a video for everything.

Well, at least I already know who I’m voting for.  With FLOTUS in DC for four more years, this city will never be the same!

Obama 2012!



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