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It didn’t snow this weekend!

Posted in Weekend in Washington by AGinDC on 28 March 2011

How glad are you that there was no snow this weekend?  I, for one, am thrilled.  So thrilled in fact that I pulled out my white trousers today in celebration of what I am convinced will be an absolutely divine spring and summer.

This weekend was a blast, but as usual, almost nothing went as planned.  I was supposed to meet my friends for a birthday dinner at Matchbox but when they were over AN HOUR LATE, I ordered a pizza for take out and ate it at home.  I was halfway through my third slice and a quarter of the way through Cleopatra when they finally got to the restaurant.  Sad.  But I was happy.  It was late and I was tired anyways and Matchbox pizza is so good, it was worth a metro ride to get it.

On Saturday my undergrad alumni club went on a tour of the Corcoran.  Since the Corcoran is not free, I have never been.  I can never get over paying for an art museum when there are twelve free ones right across the street.  But, this tour has me thinking about becoming a member.  The collections are gorgeous, the museum is peaceful and sophisticated and it hit me halfway through: price of admission = NO TOURISTS!  What?? No school groups and fat men in fanny packs and lost little old ladies with giant cameras?  Sign me up.  I’m joining the Corcoran A.S.A.P.  Plus, I just found out about an annual event called Artini which sounds amazing and which I am definitely going to try to attend next year (it’s sold out for next month).

After the Corcoran I was famished so I went home and made the most delicious lunch.  Between reading Michael Pollen’s The Omnivore’s Dilemma and getting my groceries (and now meat) delivered by Washington’s Green Grocer, I am trying hard to eat food that is not a) filled with antibiotics, b) basically corn in a hundred different forms, and c) contributing to America’s absolutely atrocious food policy.  So I made pan friend chicken with bacon and Portobello mushrooms, sweet potato fries with cinnamon and nutmeg, and an arugula, carrot and broccoli salad with oil and red wine vinegar dressing.  All organic.  All from WGG.  All delicious.  It was probably the healthiest meal I have ever had in my life.

However, on Saturday night I did my best to destroy whatever good had been done by that perfect meal.  My friend Toya came over and we made tacos and watched a few episodes of Nip/Tuck.  Then we headed out to Shaolin Jazz (see below) which was completely awesome. Palace 5ive is the cutest little skate shop and if I ever need to buy a skateboard or a pair of Vans for a teenage boy, that’s exactly where I’m going.  I love mixed-media events and having a WuTang/jazz listening party in a skater shop was absolute genius.  The free Heineken didn’t hurt either.  Toya and I had fun but realized we were old when we got tired or standing around listening and decided to go home, get some ice cream, and watch more Nip/Tuck.  Sad.

On Sunday I went to Napoleon for brunch, definitely one of my favorite stops.  The French Pear champagne cocktail is absolutely delicious and the Dali omelette with spinach and feta cheese is to die for.  Definitely one of my favs.  I also love going there to pick up a copy of DC Mag since I can no longer pick it up at my gym.  I love that magazine and it will definitely keep me going to Napoleon at least once a month!

After brunch we headed down to the AdMo PopUpShop on 18th.  I was really excited to see what they had and even though it was small, there was a lot of cute stuff!  There were a couple of artists who really caught my eye.  Yang Ku Designs’ handmade cufflinks were adorable and I seriously considered buying a pair for each of my guy friends.  Cosmic Girl’s jewelry was also adorable and completely unique.  However, fittingly for my DC obsession, I found the most amazing print of a DC flag that has every DC neighborhood making up the stripes!  It was so perfect, it had to come home with me.  Especially since Adams Morgan is first and I can’t wait to get back there!  The print was made by Grey Moggie Designs and it will be a perfect companion piece to my DC Ork poster that just came in the mail!

On Sunday night I was embarrassingly late for a book club meeting (not being able to read has its downfalls) and then I went home and hid in my room with Christian Troy and his adorable rear end.

And thus, the weekend ended.

Did I miss anything interesting?



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  1. Melanie said, on 27 April 2011 at 1:58 pm

    I’m so glad you enjoyed the pop up shop…and the DC flag print! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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