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Food truck Friday!

Posted in Food Tastes Better on a Truck by AGinDC on 25 March 2011

Oh how I love the springtime.  The birds are singing.  The cherry blossoms are blooming.  The tourists are arriving… okay, maybe I don’t love that part.  But the sudden proliferation of food trucks in the downtown area is a more than welcome sight.  My usual 10am foodtruckfiesta check left me agog at all of the options available for lunch today!  Franklin Park is so full of food trucks there’s no room for black squirrels and lost fat men in Hawaiian shirts and fanny packs.  Happiness, thy name is food truck.  There are so many options today, from Dangerous Pies to Eat Wonky to the famous Fojol Brothers, I may have to spend the afternoon eating rather than working.  Even the Lobster Truck is out, and you can only go to the lobster truck on sunny days because no one wants to stand in a 30 minute line when it’s raining…

I know I have been eating way too much lately, my Oink Oink from Meathead yesterday almost killed me with deliciousness.  But I just can’t help myself.  There’s too much good food in DC, and now that Washington City Paper’s 2011 “Best Ofs” are out, I may have to just give up and put Richard Simmons on retainer.  It’s a good thing dating in DC sucks or I may actually be worried about weight gain affecting my love life.  Hahahahahahaha.  Sigh.


I haven’t decided what I’m eating today, but I know it will be delicious.  Any suggestions?

Happy Friday!




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