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Posted in Just another day in DC by AGinDC on 22 March 2011

I had a fantastic weekend, from the St. Patrick’s Day fete to a Friday night in Triangle, VA (which included a delicious wine tasting of Chilean wines) to a Saturday blow-out and a home cooked dinner with friends and a Sunday morning bottomless mimosa brunch at M Street Bar and Grill and a Michigan basketball game at Buffalo Billiards (We won!  Go Blue!).  But without a doubt, the best part was my Saturday evening at the Kennedy Center.  Not because of the festival, although the Indian exhibits were gorgeous and I hear the performances were great, but because I saw Ruby, one of my besties in undergrad whom I haven’t seen since we graduated in 2005!

We talk all of the time of course so our reunion didn’t feel like it had been six years at all.  In fact, we were both wearing the New England college girl uniform of black heels, dark wash jeans and a trench coat.  SHM.  We both probably had pearls on too!  But it was so much fun to see her and catch up.  Ruby is from Nepal (hence wanting to go to the India fest) and is planning an epic three-day wedding in San Francisco this fall, which I absolutely cannot wait for.  Judging by the pictures of her jewelry and her saris, I think it’s going to be amazing.

I know I’ve said it before and I’ll probably say it again, I LOVE living in DC.  It’s so much fun living in a town that everyone is blowing through at some point or another.  And with the sun coming out and the cherry blossoms on their way, I couldn’t be happier.

Happy Tuesday!


ps.  Here are some pics of the India exhibits.  Forgive the fuzziness, I took them with my iPhone!

The lawyer in me liked this one...

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